Treatment of Neck and Back Pain Vinayagam Deiva Sigamani
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IntroductionCHAPTER 1

Man identifies from animal by his erect posture. Erect spine and posture considered as social highness, improves his personality and braveness. Backbones aids for erect posture, vertebral bones connected by ligaments and disc covered and coated by muscles. (Fig. 1.1)
Pain in the back is a complex multifaceted health problem that represents excitatory challenges to health care provider. Back pain affects the physical, psychological, emotional, financial and social aspects of a person's life. Physiotherapists are health care provider well trained in the psychosocial and physical aspects of rehabilitation, in fact, an important medical professional member of the health care team.
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Fig. 1.1: Vertebral column
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Fig. 1.2: Vertebral load
The treatment and prevention of back pain have increased the attention in the community because of high cost of health care. Also diminishes ability to perform the day-to-day activities. Person who sit prolonged period causes more stress on their back. Almost 90 percent of backaches are due to spasm of back muscles. Such aches are sooner or later go away. However, backache is present because of muscle spasm than think about any pathology that you may live with it. However, you can reduce the discomfort by reconditioning your back by therapeutic exercise and analgesics, physical agents with correct ergonomics of course every treatment counts with positive mental attitude. The succeeding chapter would give all the aspect of back pain and treatment. (Fig. 1.2)