Treatment of Neck and Back Pain Vinayagam Deiva Sigamani
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1Treatment of Neck and Back Pain2
3Treatment of Neck and Back Pain
Vinayagam Deiva Sigamani BSc BPT APTA (USA), MIAP, MA (PSY), MPT (Sports Medicine) PGD Sports Med and ALT Med, DPM and DRM (New York) Principal, Professor and Head of Department AMS College of Physiotherapy Anna Salai, Chennai
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Treatment of Neck and Back Pain
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My Father
Sri K Vinayagam6
This book has been written to provide knowledge in treatment techniques to implement therapy and care of a person who is suffering from upper back and lower back pain with various pathological medical conditions.
In a modern world, everybody would prefer to take treatment without any adverse side-effects, naturally people shall prefer Physical Therapy to relieve pain and modify muscle tone, prevent disability and promote balanced body mechanism.
This book helps, how to implement therapeutic way of healing the back pain by correct selection of physical therapy approaches and do's and don'ts for the day-to-day daily activities.
However, any treatment whether in clinical approaches, dogmatic approach and psychological approaches, their concept is to neutralize the body's energy flow by either activates energy field or feeds from external or internal through different means to achieve the well-being state of normal healthy human system.
The topics, which I have written in multidimensional ways based on my experience.
I hope this topic will enrich the knowledge of the students, young medical graduates and back pain sufferers to learn complete understanding of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbosacral pain.
I have tried my level best to avoid errors and discrepancies, if reader note any, might be brought into my knowledge for re-correction, will be appreciated. Reader must cross check from the text and clinically experienced expertise prior to send the suggestions for further clarification.
Of course, any medical practice is an Art and Science effects may varies, depends upon the reliability and validity.
This work was like my first mission, in fact, sharing my knowledge with readers. Hope this book will help the health care providers and back pain sufferers. I am sure, they will certainly be in a position to render very rewarding services to the patients.8
Finally, through this book, I have given how to manage patient suffering with back pain. “Although we are dressing the wound, certainly God only heals it”.
Vinayagam Deiva Sigamani
This book would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of Janab Segu S. Jamaludeen, Secretary and Correspondent of AMS group of Educational Institutions. He has provided best environment and support for writing this textbook “Treatment of Neck and Back Pain”.
I would like to express my thanks to all my teachers who gave me valuable suggestions to finish this project.
Dr Francis Lillypushpam, Senior Physiotherapist has made helpful comments on sections of the manuscript, which has helped to shape up this text.
In fact, I have learned from my students, patients and teaching staff in clinics for many stimulating discussions in Back Pain over a year. However, thorough practical knowledge of back pain could be used to understand and treat patient's problems.
I express my thanks to Mr M Govindan, Dr M Ramesh Babu (PT), Dr J Julie Sangeetha (PT), Dr Sangeetha Mohan (PT) and Dr KG Smitha (PT) and our teaching staff who helped and made this possible.