Dermatology—Volume 2 Sanjay Ghosh, Dinesh Hawelia, Susmit Haldar
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1Recent Advances in DERMATOLOGY2
As medicine is an everyday-changing science with newer researches and refined clinical experiences, and also in view of the possibility of human error, neither the editors nor the authors/ nor the publisher warrant that the informations contained in the book is in every respect accurate or complete, and they disclaim all responsibility for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from use of the information presented in this work.
3Recent Advances in Dermatology
Volume 2
Editor-in-Chief Sanjay Ghosh Medical Director Institute of Allergic and Immunologic Skin Diseases, Kolkata Associate Editors Dinesh Hawelia Consultant Dermatologist Institute of Allergic and Immunologic Skin Diseases AMRI Hospitals, Salt Lake, Kolkata Susmit Haldar Consultant Dermatologist Calcutta Skin Institute Institute of Allergic and Immunologic Skin Diseases, Kolkata Assistant Editors Manas Sen Nilendu Sarma Sanjib Chowdhuri Sudip Kumar Ghosh Consultant Dermatologists Institute of Allergic and Immunologic Skin Diseases, Kolkata
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Recent Advances in Dermatology—Volume 2
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5To all the present dermatologists of India, whose dedication and contribution are leading Indian dermatology scenario towards a brighter future
Recent Advances in Dermatology, Volume 2 is in the offing with a totally new set of topics in which great amount of advances and research has been made in the recent years. Authors of this volume are different from those of the Volume 1 of Recent Advances in Dermatology, which was published in 2004.
The topics like Human Genome Mapping, The Th1-Th2 Paradigm in Dermatology, Paraneoplastic Pemphigus, Role of Biological Agents in Management of Psoriosis and APAS are really fascinating. The other interesting subjects discussed are Acute Skin Failure, Psoriatic Arthritis, Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Infection, etc. The title has also included few topics on Dermatosurgery and Cosmetology, e.g. update in Vitiligo Surgery and Chemical Peeling.
This excellent endeavor will definitely find place in the book-shelves of both senior and junior dermatologists including post-graduate students in this speciality. I must express my personal gratitude to all the contributors for their expertise and labor for writing their articles.
Dr Sanjay Ghosh, Editor-in-Chief, of this volume should be specially congratulated for his commitment, endurance and academic aptitude for bringing out such a nice volume like the first one, which is really a hard task to perform. I also congratulate his team of associate and assistant editors for their valuable support in this project.
Prof SK Panja
Professor & HOD (Retd.)
SSKM & National Medical College
Time goes on, and that is progress!
Charles Chaplin (Modified)
When I took the responsibility of editing the first volume of Recent Advances in Dermatology by the request of Jaypee Brothers, the eminent medical publisher of New Delhi, I was not so sure about the collecting of articles in time from the busy and leading dermatologists of all over India. My apprehension was proved wrong later by the prompt response and contribution by the eminent dermatologists sparing their hectic schedule. After the publication of this book I felt some uncertainty about the reader response especially where there is a steady decline of book-readership even globally by depending on net and other multimedia. Here also I was astonished and overwhelmed by the response from dermatologists of all sectors of India and also some other Asian countries including seniors to juniors, teachers to students, academicians to practising dermatologists.
This thrilling experience has given me the impetus to roll the ball again and take the pain to edit the second volume of the ‘Recent Advances in Dermatology’. Like the first volume, I got whole-hearted and warm support again from all the authors whom I approached. Even some eminent authors personally expressed their eagerness to contribute to this volume. I hereby convey my heartfelt thanks to all the contributors of this volume for their earnest involvement with the project.
Exactly like the previous volume, our book has been planned as academic project with a view of postgraduate students and practising dermatologists as target readers. Hence the chapters were designed in a manner, which can provide basic idea of conventional knowledge along with emitting the rays of recent advancements in the field of dermatology. We, therefore, included similar to the past volume, both seniors for their profound experiences and analytic vision as well as younger ones for their unending academic inquisitiveness and knowledge on the subject. As we promised in the last volume, we have changed all the contributors of this volume to new ones for giving the chance to all academic dermatologists of India by rotation. We sincerely apologize to those academicians, 12whom we could not be able to include even in the second volume but I firmly assure that we will invite them in the forthcoming volume of this book.
I pay my deepest respect from the bottom of my heart to Dr SK Panja and Dr KK Raja Babu for kindly agreeing to write the ‘Foreword’ and ‘Introduction’ respectively for this volume.
I acknowledge and express my sincere regards to Mr Tarun Duneja, General Manager (Publishing), Jaypee Brothers for his regular support and co-operations and also express my personal thanks and regards to all the staff of Jaypee Brothers, New Delhi and Kolkata Branches in accomplishing this project. I must pay my sincere thanks to Mr Subhrajyoti Bose, who on behalf of me, has executed all the painstaking job of DTP and all other computer works including the graphics of this issue. My offer of earnest regards should not end here without expressing my indebtedness to my associate and assistant editors without whom I could not dare to trek in this present difficult journey.
Sanjay Ghosh