Hospital Designing and Planning Sangeet Sharma, Purnima Sharma
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1Dr. Malhotra's Series
Step by Step Hospital Designing and Planning2
3Dr. Malhotra's Series
Step by Step Hospital Designing and Planning
Authors Sangeet Sharma B'ARCH, F.I.I.A., MSc (Sustainable development) PhD (USA) Practising Architect, Chandigarh Purnima Sharma B'ARCH, F.I.I.A., MSc (Construction Management) Practising Architect, Chandigarh Series Editors Narendra Malhotra MD FICOG Jaideep Malhotra MD FICOG e-mail:
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Step by Step Hospital Designing and Planning
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This unique book on Hospital Designing and Planning is being presented to you under Dr Malhotra's Series of books.
Most of us are professional doctors who are usually too busy to pay attention to subtle planning of our clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. We doctors usually are our own architects and we build as need arises.
Architects Sangeet Sharma, Purnima Sharma, a dynamic husband-wife team from Chandigarh are well versed with the needs of doctors and have to their credit the designing of big/small hospitals and clinics across India.
In this book Sangeet and Purnima present to you a stepwise approach to designing and building a clinic or a hospital.
Happy reading.
Narendra Malhotra
Jaideep Malhotra
(Series Editors)6
If you want to heal and treat, you have to have surroundings that are pleasant, clean and cheerful.
We are presenting this stepwise book for you, keeping in mind all the national and international standards required. Most of our ideas, plans and our guidelines confer to ISO standards.
We hope this small booklet of our will help you design your clinic and hospital to the best.
Sangeet Sharma
Purnima Sharma8
We thankfully acknowledge the trust Dr Narendra Malhotra bestowed upon us for doing this book. We are grateful to his vision, guidance and help all through the process of preparing this manual. In particular to him and in general to Malhotra Nursing and Maternity Home, Agra.
We are grateful to “Journal of Indian Institute of Architects”, Vol. 67, Issue 09 and experienced authors like GD Kunders, Ar. Sumit Kalra, Ar. Dr BS Bhooshan, Ms P Meena Kumari, KK Mitra, SP Jain, CVR Murty for guiding us through their articles and written word. It is our endeavour that through this manual we will benefit all doctors and planners who wish to built their Nursing Home and Hospitals.
We also thank Dr RM Malhotra, Dr Prabha Malhotra and Dr Jaideep Malhotra for their encouragement and guidance. We also thank Ar. S.D. Sharma and Mrs. Geeta Sharma for their teaching support and guidance. We are thankful to Richa Sarin and Richa Tondon for their efforts in the formation of this manual. We also acknowledge the contribution of Harvinder Singh, Meenkashi and Satwinder Singh for their constant support in bringing out this book. We are obliges to National Building Code and Newferts architects data for tables and other reference materials. We are thankful to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi for enthrusting us with this task of reproducing this manual.
Sangeet Sharma
Purnima Sharma