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1Contact Lens Primer2
3Contact Lens Primer
Monica Chaudhry BSc (Hons) Ophthalmic Techniques Dr RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi
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Contact Lens Primer
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Om Sai Ram
To my parents, my husband and my son who supported me for this academic exercise
For several years I have been attempting to introduce students to comparatively easy technique of fitting contact lenses. During this period I have been unable to recommend a textbook that deals with the subject quickly and simply and yet is sufficiently comprehensive.
This book is an attempt to supply such a manual.
This little book not presume to tell the student all that he/she needs to know about contact lens, for which there are many larger books available. This book aims to decongest the contact lens curriculum for the students.
The intention of this book is also to guide contact lens practitioners who have not had any formal training in contact lens fitting. For them I have attempted to keep the language simple.
I am aware of many inadequacies and omissions and have avoided undue details and views. If the students find these notes more readable it will be justified.
It is hoped that it will enable the beginners to acquire a rapid but thorough grasp of a sophisticated yet simple discipline.
Monica Chaudhry
I wish to place on record the invisible hand of, IACLE— International Association of Contact Lens Educators, behind this project. They are doing services to all contact lens educators globally by improving their knowledge, providing resources, and upgraded the standards of contact lens fittings not only in my country but also all over the world. It is with their guidance and support that I am able to share my knowledge with my fellow practitioners across the country. IACLE resources have answered countless questions about topics where the knowledge surpassed mine. I am indebted to the IACLE organization, especially Prof Brien Holden and Debbie Sweeney and Lakshmi Shinde for their support and encouragement.
It is not possible to acknowledge everyone who helped me write this book but special mention is due to Prof VK Dada, my first teacher and guide; Prof JS Titiyal who is not only a good surgeon but also a great teacher as well; Prof S Ghosh who has always been encouraging and permitted me to write this book and Dr Namrata Sharma who was the first to convince me that I could accomplish the task.
It is also great pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr Harminder Singh for the photographic work; to Ms Shivani Chawla for turning my amateur sketches into useful illustrations and for all the artwork; to Ms Sudha for assisting me in recording patients' slit-lamp photographs. Last but not the least I thank all my students and colleagues who have stimulated me with encouragement and criticism.10
I am grateful to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (Pvt) Ltd., New Delhi whose gracious cooperation, jet propelled the text toward completion of production.
Above all, I am indebted to my family who did what families do best-care.