Emergency Imaging D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu
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1Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Emergency Imaging2
3Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Emergency Imaging
D Karthikeyan DMRD DNB Consultant Radiologist Bharat Heart Scans Chennai Deepa Chegu DMRD Consultant Radiologist Bharat Scans Chennai
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Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Emergency Imaging
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Contrast-enhanced spiral CT and high field MRI has revolutionized the work-up and diagnosis of the trauma and emergency patient. State-of-the-art CT and MRI technology with multislice capabilities allows for rapid breath-hold scanning, permitting greater coverage with greater spatial detail. CT may be performed in hemodynamically stable patients in whom injury is suspected in much less time than in the recent past with greater accuracy and diagnostic confidence.
These capabilities have led to a dramatic decrease in surgical exploration for often minor injuries, improved triage by presenting the total spectrum of injuries, permitted recognition of clinically unanticipated injuries, and fostered earlier discharge of patients without significant injury with a high level of confidence. These influences have, in turn, led to decrease in costs of patient management and, most likely, improved overall clinical outcomes.
It is our hope that this new mini series in a pictorial review format will help the postgraduate students and emergency room physicians.
D Karthikeyan
Deepa Chegu