Bio-medical Physics for Nurses K Thayalan
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1Bio-medical Physics for NURSES
2Bio-medical Physics for NURSES
(Based on the Revised Syllabus of Nursing Council of India for BSc Nursing Course)
K Thayalan MSc MPhil Dip RP PhD Professor and Head Department of Medical Physics Barnard Institute of Radiology and Oncology Madras Medical College Chennai
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Bio-medical Physics for Nurses
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Physics has lot of applications in Medicine and Biology particularly in Physiology, Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology and Audiology, etc. Most of the equipments used in the above specialities are employing the principles of Physics and its applications. Nursing personnel is an important category in the health care industry next to physicians. They are supposed to know about the equipments, usage and its maintenance. Hence, a proper education about the physics is very important and also the need of the hour.
Hence, an attempt is made to write a complete textbook of Bio-medical Physics for Nurses to fulfil a long felt need in this area. The book has eleven chapters involving various principles and its applications. Many areas highlight the medical instruments and its practical applications. Also lot of clinical applications are incorporated wherever needed. I hope this book may be useful to the nursing community not only for the examination but also to motivate their work ethics.
Healthy comments and suggestions are invited from the readers.
K Thayalan