Pediatric Dermatology Ward Rounds Jayakar Thomas
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Jayakar Thomas MD DD MNAMS PhD Senior Consultant in Dermatology Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital Chennai
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Pediatric Dermatology Ward Rounds
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Knowledge is to be shared. When it is not shared it is ‘ignorance’. Over the years Pediatric Dermatology has emerged as a vital field of medical practice encompassing numerous areas of expertise and knowledge. Lack of sufficient printed material in this field has prompted the publishing of this book. It is not a textbook of pediatric dermatology, but prepared to cater to the needs of medical students and physicians engaged in the study and practice of pediatrics, dermatology, and internal medicine. The topics covered are mostly common dermatological disorders; some of the uncommon ones are also covered. Concise descriptions have been adhered to make it reader-friendly with colored illustrations to give more clarity in understanding their clinical presentation. The textual description is aimed at an imaginary walk around the pediatric dermatology ward. This feature limits more detailed description. The reader is therefore encouraged to refer to other sources for more information, particularly the treatment aspects.
This work is dedicated to the many devoted practitioners who provide skin health to children, to my teachers who taught me dermatology, to my students who continue to teach me dermatology, and most of all to my beloved wife Dr. E. Nirmala Thomas for all her care, love, affection, and cooperation without which this humble piece of work would not have been possible.
Jayakar Thomas