Manual of Operating Room Techniques Leena Myrtle Gomez
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1Manual of Operating Room Techniques
3Manual of Operating Room Techniques
Leena Myrtle Gomez RNRM Post BSc Ng (Rtd) Trained in OT for 15 years St Theresa D'lima Eventide Home, Nagoonahalli PO Shree Rangapatna Talook Mandya Distt 571438 Karnataka
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Manual of Operating Room Techniques
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First Edition: 2007
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This book is compiled by me from my experience, my notes, and from the lectures attended and from certain books.
It will help you discover what you have to do, when you have to do and where you have to do; and help you reach at a higher personal excellence. It will also help you understand the operation room technology well and will inspire and prepare you for success in this field.
It bridges vision and action, gains access to leadership tools to leverage your time and talent to activate your faith in this work and makes your vision a reality.
Leena Myrtle Gomez
I am thankful to the following sources which helped me in compiling the book:
  1. Operation theatre technique book—positions.
  2. Instruments—from general surgical instruments.
  3. Some references from basic concepts of OT.
This book will prepare the nurses:
  1. To have thorough knowledge of what is happening in OT.
  2. To have real boost towards the patient to go forward.
  3. To make the patient understand about his illness and treatment.
  4. To be with patient throughout.
  5. To prepare the OT and surroundings conscientiously well in time.
  6. To help the hands which hold the scalpel.
  7. To be there and be prompt in all crises.
  8. To be the best, intelligent, knowledgeable, kind, understanding and trustworthy operative care nurse.