The Pocketbook for Physiotherapists Gitesh Amrohit
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1The Pocketbook for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS2
3The Pocketbook for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS
Gitesh Amrohit BPT (Intern.) Pt. JNM Medical College Raipur (Chhattisgarh) India
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The Pocketbook for Physiotherapists
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I was the undergraduate student of physiotherapy in the year 2002-2006. During this period me and my classmates had to remember lots of normal values, special tests, drugs, pathology, anatomy and various others things and it was not possible to remember all the things at the same time, because the textbook did not used to be in our hand all the time and these problems were solved by preparing notes of all those stuffs. The main problem used to arise when we have to know and confirm certain things, while assessing and giving treatment to the patient and because of this; we were bound to carry all those heavy textbooks. Taking care of all these problems the Pocketbook for Physiotherapists is written. In this there are all the important stuffs related to medical and physiotherapy and they are explained by the help of graphs, tables and text without modifying their original meaning.
This book cannot be the textbook, but it can be used after a thorough study from the textbooks during the posting's, clinics and the classroom. It has taken hard work to comprise all the medical and physiotherapy topics in this small handbook. So that you can take complete advantage of this book.
Wishing and praying for your bright future and all the success in your life.
Gitesh Amrohit6
To complete any project, it has the blessing of a big group of people. This blessing was also, there in my project Pocketbook for Physiotherapists, i.e. why first of all; I would like to give a healthy thanks to all the students of physiotherapy of Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur (CG), who were there with me in my each step.
I am also thankful to Dr. Bindu Abraham and Dr. Prafulla Bani, who encouraged me in every task.
I would also like to thank Niketa Pawar, Amit Pansari, Tejaswi Verma, Saurabh Gupta, Md. Javed Qureshi, Anshul Parhad, and Piyush Dubey; who timely took me out of problems.
I am able to do all this by the guidance of my mother and father Smt. Shruti Amrohit and Dr RD Amrohit and my twin brothers Jitesh-Jivesh, whose love and support was always there with me.
Between all this Dinesh Wagde, Nagpur Branch, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. and Mr. Shravan Kumar; Mr. Khomlal Chandeshwar; SK Medical Book House, Raipur (CG), also supported and encouraged me to keep moving. It was not possible for me to publish this book without their support.
Thanks one and all, I need your help too, to continue my achievement.