Orthodontic Removable Appliances Sandhya Shyam Lohakare
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3Orthodontic Removable Appliances
Sandhya Shyam Lohakare (Talmale) MDS (Orthodontia) VSPM Dental College and Research Centre Digdoh, Hingana Nagpur, India
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Orthodontic Removable Appliances
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my beloved husband CA Shyam Lohakare,
my daughters Soumya and Sara,
parents and in-laws, brothers and sisters and
dear friend Ashwini
My concrete source of inspiration is Dr (Mrs) Pushpa Hazarey Madam and Dr Vinay Hazarey Sir.
I am always getting blessings from Dr Nainani Sir, Dr (Mrs) Vasundhara Bhad Mam, Dr Toshniwal, Dr Vyas.
My regards goes to Dr Deoghare Dr Karia Sir and Colleagues.
I am thankful to VSPM DC and RC management members honourable Shri Ranjeetji Deshmukh (Ex Agri MLA), Shri Ashish Deshmukh, Project Director Mr Bhagade.
In my project of book making, the most strong pillars are Dean Dr Usha Radake and Vice-Dean Dr Shenoy.
I express my sincere thanks to publishers, who are making a pioneer effort in encouraging Indian authors who have readily accepted to publish this book.
At last I would like to thank GOD GANPATI.
Orthodontics is one of the important clinical branches of dentistry. It starts from the prenatal stage and continues throughout your life. It is the base of cosmetic dentistry.
Malaligned teeth give ugly look to the face and the smile does not feel heart warming. To correct these crooked teeth, we are using some mechanical means in the oral cavity. They are called as removable appliances. Because it is used by the patient, so it is considered as removable.
The other branches of dentistry deals with management of loss of vitality of teeth, enamel chip off, loss of bone and periodontal tissue for good facial look while smiling. But in orthodontics we are conserving the whole structure with redirection of tooth of new perfect position.
Removable appliances are the major culprit for preventive, and interceptive and corrective orthodontics. These appliances are simple to manage, economic and time saver, i.e. there is less time involvement of an orthodontist.
This book includes all retentive parts, active parts, technique of wire bending, biomechanical considerations, modification for different malalignments.
I sincerely hope that this book will prove useful for students and practitioners.
Sandhya Shyam Lohakare (Talmale)