Pocket Book on Laboratory Tests for Nurses Pramilaa R
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1Pocket Book on Laboratory Tests for Nurses
2Pocket Book on Laboratory Tests for Nurses
Pramilaa R MSc(N) Associate Professor in Nursing Goutham College of Nursing Mahalakshmipuram, Bengaluru Karnataka (India)
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Pocket Book for Laboratory Tests for Nurses
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Today, nurses are called on to manage the health care environment with vigilance and accurate identification of the health problems of patient that directs them to guard the patients from deterioration of their conditions. Early identification is possible by procuring primary health data from patients and from the laboratory investigations.
It is essential for nurses to know at least of routine laboratory test's normal values. The inspiration to bring out this book is my nursing students who failed to complete the objective data with lab values. It provoked me to bring up this pocket book with anticipation that it would cater to the needs of the students in the clinical nursing. Besides, it would serve the community of nurse practitioners by supplementing their competence in nursing care.
This pocket book is organised with common abbreviations used in laboratory tests and conversion tables to gain understanding as prelude in chapters one to three. Chapter four encompasses the entire normal ranges of lab tests.5
The highlight of this pocket book lies in chapter five where the reader can recognize the lab tests in accordance with the body systems and their normal values. This would definitely enhance the nursing community in clustering the patient data and render timely nursing care.
It is hoped that this pocket book helps the nursing community by adding knowledge to their existing resource.
Wishing you all good luck to become competent nurses!
Pramilaa R
My humble bestow to Our Almighty who keeps me charging, restrengthens and reenergizes always and all these were possible by His grace.
My deep sense of gratitude to my loving parents who inculcates inspiration, motivation and encouragement through their unconditional love.
My bouquet of thanks to my beloved students, who were responsible to bring out this pocket book.