Essentials of Nursing Maheshwari Loganathan
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1Essentials of Nursing2
“om Selvavinayakaya Namah”
3Essentials of Nursing
Maheshwari Loganathan BSc N (RN RM) Senior Nursing Tutor KR Institute of Nursing, Bengaluru India
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Essentials of Nursing
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Nursing students for especially GNM and Basic BSc (Nursing) Course
It is indeed a great pleasure to write the foreword for the Essentials of Nursing by Ms Maheshwari L, Asst. Lecturer, KR Group of Institution. This book gives fundamental concepts about basic nursing in both theoretical aspects and procedural aspects of nursing. It serves as ready reference for basic students and beginning practitioners of nursing.
Contents of the book are relevant and brief. It is written in simple language for easy comprehension. She has been diligent student in her college days and an admired teacher. I congratulate her for this effort.
A Nagarajan
KR College of Nursing
The book Essentials of Nursing is designed to meet the basic requirements of general nursing course and Basic BSc(N) program. Even though the book recommends other textbooks, being conscious about the difficulties of an average student to go through the pages by pages of valuable books during examination time. I am glad to present this book as a note for the subject.
This book covers maximum topics in minimum numbers of pages. Its contents are compiled mainly from “Mosby” textbook. I have made presentation simple, short and without sacrifying basic principles.
It is my aim that this textbook will help the students a lot. Hope, the students will enjoy the text utmost.
Maheshwari Loganathan
This textbook would have not been possible without the efforts of many people in preparing the chapters. I am extremely grateful to Professor Mr Nagarajan, KR College of Nursing and Principal Mr Shivakanth, KR School of Nursing for their immense contribution for the success of this title. I am grateful to Mr Jojy Kurian, the student and Ms Vasantha, the librarian for their typing work from Sushrutha School of Nursing, Bengaluru.
I am grateful to readers for their constructive comments, which may influence the content in future edition.
Thanks are also due to our families, Loganathan KS, Nagarathina T, Rani, Shashikala and Saravana, for their patience and acceptance of lost evenings and weekends.
I am grateful to Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers and many thanks to Mr Vasudeva H, the author co-ordinator, Bengaluru Branch.