Pharmacology for Nurses Padmaja Udaykumar
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1Pharmacology for Nurses
2Pharmacology for Nurses
Padmaja Udaykumar Professor and Head Department of Pharmacology Fr Muller Medical College Mangalore, Karnataka (India)
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Pharmacology for Nurses
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First Edition: 2005 (By the Arora Medical Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd.)
Second Edition: 2008
Typeset at JPBMP typesetting unit
Printed at Ajanta Offset & Packagins Ltd., New Delhi
Dedicated to the memory of my father
Late P Surya Narayan
Administration of medication is one of the major responsibilities of a professional nurse. Therefore, it is important that all nurses should study pharmacology carefully during their student period. The book Pharmacology for Nurses, by Prof. Padmaja Udaykumar will be of great help to students and teachers of nursing. It aims at the students of nursing and conforms to the syllabus of BSc (Nursing) by the Nursing Council of India. The chapters have been written with necessary illustrations, in simple and lucid manner.
It is my proud privilege to write ‘Foreword’ for this book. While I congratulate Prof. Padmaja Udaykumar, I am confident that this book will meet the learning needs of BSc (Nursing) students.
Sr Jacintha D'Souza
MSc(N), MPhil(N)
Principal and professor
Fr Muller College of Nursing
Mangalore, Karnataka (India)
6Preface to the Second Edition
The second edition of Pharmacology for nurses is brought out in an effort to keep pace with the growth of the subject. Pharmacology is changing at such a rapid pace that drugs of choice and even the mode of treatment differ in a short span of time. In the present edition, the topics have been further refined and modifications have been made wherever needed. Nursing Implications have been added in all relevant topics. I hope this sincere effort will be useful to the nursing students and help them in achieving the requisite skills and knowledge.
Readers please note that this book is the second edition of A textbook of Pharmacology for Nurses published by Arora Medical Books, Lucknow and is now named Pharmacology for Nurses
Please send your valuable feedback to
Padmaja Udaykumar
Professor and Head
Department of Pharmacology
Fr Muller Medical College
Mangalore, Karnataka (India)
7Preface to the First Edition
Nursing, the noble profession, is a rapidly growing field which is in greatest demand throughout the world. With a massive increase in the percentage of elderly population, the demand for nursing would only keep on increasing. The responsibility of the nurses and the expectation from the patients have also increased. The nurses should therefore have adequate knowledge and expertise in their field. This includes a sound knowledge of the drugs too. Since nurses handle all types of drugs, they should be aware of their actions, uses, toxicity and also know about the management of drug poisoning.
There are very few books meant only for nursing students especially in the subjects that are also studied by medical students. Nursing students therefore face a lot of difficulty in finding the relevant matter from other books. With the growth of nursing as a separate discipline, nurses deserve books meant only for them. This book has been brought out as per the Indian Nursing Council syllabus. A few topics which have not been mentioned in the syllabus have also been briefly discussed at the end to give an overall idea about such drugs.
Many universities conduct examinations with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Therefore, a large number of MCQs have been given in form of a separate section.
I hope this book reduces the burden of the nursing students in learning pharmacology and help them in patient care too.
Padmaja Udaykumar
Professor and Head
Department of Pharmacology
Fr Muller Medical College
Mangalore, Karnataka (India)
I thank Prof. Salomy George, Deputy director of nursing education, Government of Kerala and Sr. Jacintha, Principal Fr. Muller College of nursing for writing foreword to this book.
I am thankful to the management of Fr. Muller Medical College – Director Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues, Administrator Rev Fr. Denis D'sa and Dean, Dr. B Sanjeev Rai for their encouragement.
I wish to thank the following faculty of Pharmacology for their support – Prof. Nataraj, Prof Vijayaraghavan, Prof. Elsy M.I., Prof. Nagendra Nayak and my colleagues Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. Princy, Dr. Prasannalakshmi, Dr. Raghavendra Baliga and Dr. Manohar Revonkar.
I place on record my sincere thanks to my husband Prof. Udaykumar K for the constant encouragement, suggestions, help and guidance in bringing out this book.
I also thank Shri JP Vij and Mr. Bupesh Arora, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, New Delhi for publishing this book and their staff for the meticulous work.