Illustrated Medical Microbiology Satish Gupte
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1Illustrated Medical Microbiology
2Illustrated Medical Microbiology
Second Edition
Satish Gupte MD Professor and Head Microbiology Gian Sagar Medical College, Banur Ex. Professor and Head Microbiology Government Medical College, Jammu and Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Bathinda, Punjab (India)
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Illustrated Medical Microbiology
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First Edition: 1996
Second Edition: 2009
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The first edition of Illustrated Medical Microbiology was published in 1996, probably first of its kind in this continent. In 2002, Chinese edition was brought out by Ho Chi Book Publishing Co. Taiwan to give benefit of the edition to the concerned region and around.
Lamentably voluminous books on the speciality of medical microbiology with ever increasing new information make it difficult for the readers to memorize even the captions. To overcome this difficulty, out of many techniques applied, use of simple, easy to understand, self explanatory illustrations with least text seems to be the best and most acceptable solution. It does carry scientific support too, as long as lasting visual impression code can be utilized for expressing the subject by decoding the visual code.
This object in the treatise Illustrated Medical Microbiology has been achieved in 2nd edition by using clear, simple, easy to understand, well labeled and meaningful illustrations. In the 2nd edition about 20-25 new illustrations have been added, touching new topics of immense interest. Many new topics have been covered which include SARS, avian influenza (H5 N1) etc. All efforts are geared towards making the material more relevant to the requirements of the readers.
In the accomplishment of this volume, sincere efforts, hard work, best wishes of my wife Mrs Jyotsna Gupte, my son Anubhav Gupte and all family members are included.
Also I express appreciation of the generosity of many of my colleagues and readers too, who gave their valuable suggestions to make this volume more useful.
I am grateful to Shri Jitendar P Vij and his dedicated staff for their sustained efforts and excellent work in bringing out 2nd edition of this volume in the present wonderful and impressive form.
I am looking forward to have impression, comments, and suggestions from the readers to improve future edition(s) of this volume.
Satish Gupte