Manual of Fetal Medicine Dilip Kumar Dutta
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1Manual of Fetal Medicine
3Manual of Fetal Medicine
Dilip Kumar Dutta MBBS MD (GYNAE) MAMS FICOG FICMCH MAFS (USA) Diploma in Pelviscopic Surgery(Germany) Consulting Gynecologist JN Memorial superspecialty Hospital Kalyani,West Bengal, India Director Global Institute of Gynecology Kalyani, West Bengal, India Foreword Narendra C Malhotra
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Manual of Fetal Medicine
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In this fast changing world of technological advances, it is important even for a clinician to be abreast of the new advances and researches.
This simple book on Manual of Fetal Medicine compiled by Dr Dilip Kumar Dutta is an excellent effort towards understanding the needs of our second patient: “The Fetus”.
Fetal Medicine is now an integral part of Obstetrics and an Obstetrician has to be a Fetal Medicine Specialist also, as he deals with two patients at the same time.
The complex physiology of fetus and mother and their problems have been well dealt in this book in simple language and easy to understand format.
This is a must read book for all postgraduate students as well as postgraduate guides and teachers.
Dr Narendra C Malhotra
President – FOGSI6
Recent advancements in prenatal diagnosis of genetic disease, fetoscopic technique, fetal medicine, surgical therapy and fetal transplantation no longer pose significant technical hurdles for in utero clinical testing.
Some of the conditions affecting various organ systems are amenable today in utero by adopting more sophisticated tools. The fetal well-being status has to be assessed by medical team which includes genesist, radiologist, pathologist, microbiologist, neonatologist, obstetrician, pediatric surgeon and cardiologist. Parents have to be counseled regarding maternal/fetal risk, type of interventions, etc.
In preparing this book each of the articles have been extensively revised and updated. The content of this book is not only focused on growth and development of fetus, congenital abnormality, maternal disease, prenatal diagnosis, management of IUGR, twin pregnancy, etc but also incorporated recent advances in fetal medicine and surgical therapy including fetal gene therapy.
I hope this book is meant to be a first-hand guide book for obstetricians on how to diagnose and manage fetal abnormality in utero. The book is of immense value not only for obstetricians but also ultrasonologists and pediatric surgeons to avoid all medicolegal problems which may arise during and after delivery.
I am very thankful to FOGSI for allowing me to publish this book. I am also very much thankful to Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, to publish this book in time.
Lastly, I am very thankful to my wife Dr Banani Dutta, son Indranil Dutta (Medical Student) and daughter Miss Ipsita Dutta to prepare this book.
Dilip Kumar Dutta