Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry Balwant Rai, Jasdeep Kaur
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1Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry
2Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry
Balwant Rai BDS MS Health and Safety Officer Mars Mission Crew-78, USA Founder Aeronautic Dentistry Editor-in-Chief Advance Journal of Medical and Dental Science Indian Journal of Dental Education Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology Ex-Editor-in-Chief International Journal of Dental Science, USA Jasdeep Kaur BDS MS SC-ADA, USA Editor-in-Chief Indian Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry International Forensic Odontology Research Forum
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Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry
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4To Our mentors and our parents
The first edition of Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry is unique in its own. Various contributors who have joined us in the preparation of this book express a coordinate philosophy in the approach to most modern concepts of operative dentistry.
This edition provides current diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on research, clinical experience and current literature. The information is relevant to contemporary science and practice of operative dentistry. This book is designed to help undergraduate dental students in providing efficient and superior dental health care among individuals. This book also gives experienced dentist to get the reference information on new development and techniques.
The new things which are added in this first edition are the Laser in operative dentistry, recent advances in composites and GIC, recent concepts in cavity preparation, management of deep carious lesions, compression between composite and GIC, biocompatibility of dental materials, biomechanics of cavity preparation, etc. These chapters will help the students to understand the matter of subject more clearly. Various diagrammatic presentations will further simplify the matter.
A textbook can be planned and written only with the supportive interest, encouragement, and tangible contributions of many people. Therefore, it is a privilege to acknowledge the suggestions of esteemed professors in the preparation of this text. The faculties of operative dentistry and other disciplines have contributed substantially to this work.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who played a vital role in helping us bring this project to a successful edition.
Balwant Rai
Jasdeep Kaur
Writing a book is an outcome of various tasks that can never be accomplished without the supportive interest and keen involvement of many genius personalities.
Fortunately, a very efficient teamwork from Dr Rajnish Jain and Prof (Brig) SC Anand always supported us with their valuable suggestions. The success of this work is not enterprise of a sole individual but a consolidated effort of group of committed members of our family Rajender Chawla, Yogesh, Tarun Singh and Rajesh Yadav who have left no stone unturned in collecting update information regarding the subject from the Internet.
Our special thanks to Dr Rajnish Jain, Dr Jigyasa Duhan for providing us some material for incorporation into the textbook. We are especially thankful to Dr Dinesh Chauhan and Dr Narender Rohilla for their contributions. We offer our humble gratitude and sincere thanks to our guide Prof (Brig) SC Anand and for his guidance during our undergraduation which helped us in writing this book.
We are also grateful to our parents and our relatives for their patience and support. We are thankful to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, for publishing the book.
Lastly we offer our earnest prayers to God for endowing us the strength and confidence in accomplishing this endeavor to the best of our abilities.