Textbook of Craniofacial Growth Sridhar Premkumar
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1Textbook of Craniofacial Growth2
3Textbook of Craniofacial Growth
Sridhar Premkumar BDS MDS Reader Department of Orthodontics Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Textbook of Craniofacial Growth
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Dedicated to
the memory of my parents
Shri KP Sridhar and Mrs Sreemathy Sridhar and to all my teachers who have played a role in my growth and development
Science has developed phenomenally and likewise the field of orthodontics has also witnessed a phenomenal amount of development. It is believed that writing a textbook is an obligation of the expert academician towards students as well as to his colleagues in pursuit of continuing their education. An understanding of craniofacial growth is essential for all dental surgeons and specialists like orthodontists, pedodontists and maxillofacial surgeons. This textbook on craniofacial growth has been divided into 21 chapters, starting from development of bone and cartilage till the etiology of developmental and acquired deformities. It has been written in a lucid, fluent style which can be appreciated and understood by the average student as well as practitioner.
The importance of this book lies in the simplicity of its presentation which helps everyone understand the concept and principles of craniofacial growth. Every BDS undergraduate should understand the concept of orthodontics right from the basic level so that he or she can practice confidently as an individual. The design and presentation of this book shows the meticulous and tireless effort of the author. The book covers the craniofacial growth and its impact on orthodontics in detail. I am sure that this book will be of great help to dental students and also to academically oriented dental surgeons.
I wish the author, for all success in his future endeavors.
Dr KSGA Nasser, mds, aimpt
Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
There is growing emphasis on the quality of treatment results, particularly from the aspects of prevention, interception and correction of malocclusion. In spite of the level of knowledge acquired in their preclinical years, students are unable to recall and relate facts and problems related to their training. This problem is more specific in relation to the subject of craniofacial growth and development.
Craniofacial growth is a wonderful and fascinating phenomenon and understanding the fundamental aspects of dentofacial growth and development is vital for every clinician to effectively deal with the complex problem of abnormal skeletal growth of the jaws and dentoalveolar malocclusion. It is the author's intent that this book will be of value to those studying their undergraduate course in dentistry and more specifically, those who undergo specialization training in the fields of orthodontics, pedodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery.
The writing of a book is beset with many responsibilities. These are serious when the first edition is written. The tide of many new thoughts ebb and flow through the years. The author must keep in mind the decision of including the subject matter relevant to the intended purpose. The justification of presenting another textbook on craniofacial growth to the shelves of dental literature is to be found in the presentation of subject matter and novelty of its presentation. Adequate care is taken to ensure that this textbook on craniofacial growth is complete in most of the aspects. Even development of emotional growth is included as a separate chapter. I sincerely hope that the book will be of immense use for both the faculty and students, as the book is conceived both as a teaching and a reference guide. It is hoped that this book together with future orthodontic research will provide the bridge to a new era in the holistic treatment of the orthodontic patients.
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Sridhar Premkumar
The author is conscious of the help rendered both directly and indirectly by his teachers, colleagues, students, friends and well wishers. The following people need special acknowledgments for their help in bringing out this book.
Dr KSGA Nasser, Principal, Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for his constant encouragement, motivation and guidance right from the author's college days.
Dr S Rangcharri, former Professor and Head, Department of Orthodontics, Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the author's postgraduate teacher who enlightened him with the torch of knowledge in the field of orthodontics.
Dr MR Balasubramanian, the author's teacher and currently, Dean, SRM Dental College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for his constant guidance and enduring support during strategic points in his life.
Dr Mona Mouneswari, who helped with most of the illustrations and meticulous proofreading.
Dr Ramya Julian, Dr Catharin Maney, Dr Sathish Kumar and Dr Srirengalakshmi deserve special thanks for their selfless and constant help in bringing out this book. Though many students have helped in different ways, a note of gratitude to Saurab Jain, Sushma R, Prateshta Rajeevi Arvind and Sumaiya Parveen.
No book can be better than its publisher. The author would like to thank the publisher Shri Jitendar P Vij of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, and also Mr Jayanandan and Mr KK Raman for their effective coordination.
Closer to his home, the author would like to acknowledge his son Sriram and daughter Srinidhi, his energy boosters, for their innocent love and affection. Finally, most fortunate authors have tolerant wives behind them. The author's wife has been one, having lost him for innumerable hours to the computer!