Oral Medicine & Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management Saman Warnakulasuriya, WM Tilakaratne
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1Oral Medicine and Pathology2
3Oral Medicine and Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management
Saman Warnakulasuriya OBE BDS FDSRCS Dip Oral Med PhD DSc Professor, Department of Oral Medicine and Experimental Pathology King's College London, UK Honorary Consultant Oral Medicine King's and Guy's Hospitals London, UK WM Tilakaratne BDS MS FDSRCS PhD FRCPath Professor, Department of Oral Pathology Faculty of Dental Sciences University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka ForewordPoul Erik Petersen
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Oral Medicine and Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management
First Edition: 2014
Printed at
5Dedicated to
Our teachers and parents
My wife Ranjini
Daughter Roshini
Saman Warnakulasuriya
My wife Aruni
Son Praveen
WM Tilakaratne
It is a pleasure to have been asked to write a foreword to this excellent book written by well-known experts in the field of oral medicine and pathology. This book has drawn them together in a unique collaboration to provide an outstanding resource on the subject. The book comprises of 24 chapters and includes extensive tables, clinical photographs, microscopic and radiological figures to aid in the understanding of the text.
Diagnosis and management of oral disorders is an exciting and thought-provoking discipline in dentistry. This text is a welcome addition to the available resources in the field and has been produced at low-cost with the needs of the postgraduate students in mind. A complete understanding of oral disorders requires sound clinical knowledge to arrive at a differential diagnosis that needs to be underpinned by information from investigative techniques. This reference book provides a comprehensive approach to both diagnosis and management, thereby making this a singular work. The management of disorders is evidence-based (when available) and will facilitate a good grounding for the trainees as well as for both generalists and specialists to become familiar with current approaches to patient care.
The text is edited by two senior colleagues practicing oral medicine and pathology with a broad understanding of the needs of low and middle-income countries, thereby facilitating the educational needs of trainees from many countries while retaining the dynamic knowledge base acquired from high-income countries. Thus, the text provides a global approach to patient care in the field of oral medicine and pathology.
I highly recommend this valuable book. Readers engaged in diagnosis and management of oral disorders will feel most enriched by the basic information and the practical guidelines provided in this field important to public health. The book is not only helpful in clinical practice but also it will be most instrumental to postgraduate training as well.
Poul Erik Petersen
Global Oral Health Programme
World Health Organization
Chronic Disease and Health Promotion
20 Avenue Appia CH-1211
Geneva, Switzerland
Oral Medicine and Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management is aimed at postgraduate students, specialist trainees, interns and all practitioners treating patients with oral diseases or those presenting with manifestations of systemic diseases in the oral cavity. Our undergraduate students have a minimum exposure to pathological disorders other than dental caries and periodontal diseases and the book provides a useful resource to their early learning. Our objective is to present a comprehensive book on patient management, to improve skills and expertise on oral diagnosis replete with a basic knowledge on both soft and hard tissue pathology.
Its concise and easy-to-read format will permit the readers to discuss the case presentations with specialists in the field, and will enable them to make accurate diagnoses in order to jointly manage patients even if they have not had extensive previous experience in oral medicine. We hope, the book will benefit practitioners responsible for the care of the oral cavity and will save them time going to one concise, authoritative source for diagnosis and treatment options, without having to wade through several texts, or in thousands of journal articles.
We have endeavored to maintain a basic format and content of clinical manifestations with numerous illustrations, to help in the diagnosis or in making a differential diagnosis. We as the editors have edited chapter contents to maintain consistency in format, depth, and style and to keep up with the advances in management of oral diseases.
The book will reflect the many years of our practical experience as well as the extensive clinical and research expertise of the various chapter contributors. We have selected authors from various prestigious institutions from all over the globe. They are well-known experts in their respective fields and this book has drawn them together in a unique collaboration to provide the reader an all-encompassing appraisal of the current state of our knowledge in oral diagnosis and management of pathological conditions that we encounter in day-to-day practice.
Saman Warnakulasuriya
WM Tilakaratne
We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the people, who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this book. First of all our chapter contributors for accepting our invitation and for their excellent authorship in their respective fields reflecting an up-to-date knowledge and writing succinct text, which made our job as editors much easier. We thank Dr Michael Escudier of King's College London, for his contribution by revising and re-drafting Self-Assessment Questions that appear at the end of each chapter. Christine Bell helped us with initial formatting of chapters and illustrations and we thank her for attention to detail. We acknowledge several colleagues, who have helped us in proofreading Chapters 5–7; Dr BSMS Siriwardena, Dr Rasika Ekanayaka, Dr RLPR Liyanage and Dr S Wadusinghaarachchi. In addition to those named for contributing illustrations, we acknowledge Professor Edward Odell and others, who have contributed to this publication. We wish to thank Dr Shankargouda Patil for his invaluable logistic support during preparation of this volume.
Our thanks are due to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Group Chairman), Mr Ankit Vij (Managing Director), Mr Tarun Duneja (Director-Publishing), Mr KK Raman (Production Manager), Mrs Chetna Vohra (Senior Manager, Business Development) and Samina Khan (PA to Director-Publishing) of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, and their production team for achieving an excellent standard in producing the first edition of this book.