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1English for Nursing
2English for Nursing
Second Edition
J Sarumathi BSc MCA Associate Director Nirthyalaya Academy of Fine Arts Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Foreword D Indrani
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English for Nursing
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First Edition: 2006
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Second Edition: 2011
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4Dedicated to
Florence Nightingale
The Nursing Students
“Let us be anxious to do well, not for selfish praise, but to honor and advance the cause, the work we have taken up as nurses.”
– Florence Nightingale
It is my pleasure to write the foreword for the book, English for Nursing written by a young and talented author J Sarumathi.
The book is the result of the keen interest of the author in improving the English language skill in nursing professionals.
The book has been well structured as per the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council.
The language, style of presentation, example and exercise are well framed. The book is written in a point-to-point stepwise pattern, which will help the nursing students understand the subject easily.
I am very much satisfied and confident that this book will fulfill its aim of the raising young nursing generation.
D Indrani MSc (N) M Phil PhD
Government College of Nursing
Madras Medical College, Chennai
Tamil Nadu, India
The second edition of English for Nursing covers both diploma and degree level Nursing students. It has been structured as per the latest syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council.
The samples and exercises taken from the clinical field and lot of thought given from the doctors side to cater the book. The growing generation of Nurses are aiming for abroad and national level of employment, where, the language skill and creativity is necessary to make them fit to the environment. This edition speaks about the CV preparation, interview board, letter writing, report writing, nurses diary, oral report and usage of dictionary apart from regular course on grammar.
English is the language of the world, and the knowledge of the language makes a person a citizen of the world.
The aim of teaching the language is that the students should speak, read and write English perfectly.
English is used by over 350 million people across the globe. Fifty percent of the world's newspapers, scientific and technical journals and over sixty percent of the radio stations use English as a medium of communication. It is also the official language of the UNO.
Under such circumstances, the learning of English has taken a special significance. In India, English is the link language, serving to connect people of various regions and diverse background.
J Sarumathi
English for Nursing is designed to help nursing students develop the ability to comprehend spoken and written English, so as to communicate effectively in this language.
The book is designed for the school of nursing students as per the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council.
The general objective of the book is to help the nursing students, read and write correct English and communicate effectively.
J Sarumathi
I express my gratitude to Prof D Indrani, Principal, Government College of Nursing, Chennai for her guidance and support given to me in writing this book.
I express my sincere thanks to Prof Kanthimathi Ammal, Principal, Government School of Nursing, Chennai for her direction and suggestion given to focus this book in correct manner.
I express my heartfelt thanks to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Chairman and Managing Director) of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, for giving inspiration to authors to bring out excellence in medicine.
I thank Mr Tarun Duneja (Director–Publishing), who has given support for formatting and editing of this script, and last but not least, I thank the potential author coordinator, Mr R Jayanandan, who is always talking about to bring out the knowledge of excellence in medical literature.