Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses KP Neeraja
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1Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses2
3Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses
KP Neeraja BSc BPR MSc (N) MA PhD Professor in Nursing Channapatna Karnataka, India
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Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses
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First Edition: 2011
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Printed in India
5Dedicated to
My Spiritual Father
Poojya Sri VV Sridhar Guruji
With immense joy and honor, I am writing the foreword note for the present title the Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses. As a teacher of Dr KP Neeraja, I have seen her great contribution to the nursing profession by being an author of many textbooks in varied subjects. The knowledge, expertise, experience, dedication, determination, enthusiasm, and scholarship of Dr KP Neeraja's work can be seen in this textbook. This textbook has added another achievement in her life and a great treasure to the nursing knowledge. She is also a well-acknowledged author of many articles in the national and international journals.
Nursing is a scientifically rigorous discipline, which requires updated information on a regular basis to ensure best possible care provided to patients. The goal of nursing education is to develop scientifically sound nurses. To meet this goal, good nursing textbooks play a vital role. I am proud to announce that the timely publication of this book meets this gigantic task.
This textbook covers wide range of topics such as teaching methods, audio-visual aids, communication, health education, guidance, counseling and human relations. This book is useful not only for nurses but also for many other professionals such as doctors, psychologists, social workers, dentists, health educators, counselors, teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and many more professionals.
The great news for students about this book is, it covers the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council and various universities. It guides the nursing students to gain deeper theoretical knowledge and also the practical tips in teaching-learning process, audio-visual aids, communication, counseling, and guidance. The author has also provided questions of various universities questions at the end of the each chapter which will be helpful for the students for their exam preparation.
The faculty members of different disciplines will love to have this book on their reference shelf for day-to-day use in teaching the wide range of topics. I am sure it will become the Bible or Bhagavad Gita for the novice teacher as it walks through the teaching of subject matter in a simple way. The practical tips given in this book will help the inservice educator's to choose wide variety of topics to enhance the knowledge and skills of their learners.
The insight provided in this book meets the contemporary and future challenges that nursing students/health team members and nurse/educators face, as care givers of the modern health care consumers. This book meets a compelling need to continue to prepare various health team members for leadership role in making health concerns a public priority.
I am confindent that this book will receive a warm welcome by the nursing world and will go many more editions in future. I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr KP Neeraja and wish her all the best to write many more books of this kind and to be instrumental to the growth of nursing profession.
Mrs D Sujaya Lakshmi
MA (Anthro and Socio) MSc (N) MPhil (N)
Professor in Nursing
I obtained a great inspiration to write the Textbook of Communication and Education Technology for Nurses from my students and friends. During my interaction with them, they constantly encouraged and suggested me to bring out this new project. I am fortunate to have many well-wishers throughout the globe.
I took a few topics from my earlier books like Textbook of Nursing Education and Essentials of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Volume I and Textbook of Sociology for Nursing students.
The textbook comprises 15 chapters with schematic representations (wherever necessary). It covers mainly the syllabi of II BSc (N), PC BSc (N) and IV BSc (N), few topics will be helpful for MSc (N) too. At the end of each chapter, the various universities past years question papers like NTRUHS, RGUHS, MGRUHS, Kerala, Rajasthan and Punjab Universities of MSc(N), BSc(N), PC BSc (N) are given to facilitate quick attention of learners. It promotes a sensitive and holistic outlook in nursing education. I am confindent that the book will meet adequately educator's as well as learner's needs. Maximum details given for each topic and language are made simpler and easier to meet the curricular requirements and quick understanding of topic. I am sure this book will serve as an ideal textbook for the professionals. I made earnest efforts to fulfill this need. Constructive criticism and suggestions are solicited to my e-mail ID: neerukp@yahoo.com
KP Neeraja
I would like to express a deep sense of gratitude to “Almighty, the Creator” who constantly provided support and blessed me in many ways in all my deeds in various forms.
With the deepest gratitude, I wish to thank my Spiritual Father “Poojya Sri VV Sreedhar Guruji—Living Sai” who gave consent immediately to my request, to dedicate this small token as “Puspham near to his Padam”. He blessed me to take up this project with lot of zeal in my mind and gave encouragement to pursue the work, I used to listen to his Gadyams continuously while working on the present work, which gave support in managing the stress associated with it and suggested the ways to overcome the problems.
I am very happy and indebted to my Teacher, “Mrs D Sujaya Lakshmi” who taught me “The Principles of Teaching” in 1986, agreed instantly to write a Foreword for my request.
I would also like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to my students (presently working in varied capacities as Teaching Faculty in Nursing Educational Institutions throughout the globe), Seniors, Juniors, Friends, Teachers and my son for their magnificent love, support and contributions in the creation of this book; without them I would not have completed the task fruitfully, they responded to my phone calls and assisted me in gathering materials with lot of interest.
My sincere thanks to Shri Jitendar P Vij, CEO, who responded and assured me by considering my request and made it possible to publish the book within a short span of time. I am very thankful to Mr Venu Gopal (Branch Manager) and Mr Ravi Kumar (Sales Manager) of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, Bengaluru who persistently provided support, motivated and given pressure that strived me to put hard efforts to achieve the task efficiently, cooperated with me and given valuable advice from the initiation to completion. I would like to appreciate and convey thanks to Ms Sunita Katla, PA to CEO, Mrs Samina Khan PA to Director-Publishing in head office for their patience, cooperation and strived sincerely along with me to publish the final draft of my book within limited time, these people are back force to complete this gigantic task competently.
Lastly, I would like to express my earnest gratitude to each member of my family who gave lot of mental support in accomplishing the task.