Principles and Practice of Pedodontics Arathi Rao
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1Principles and Practice of PEDODONTICS2
3Principles and Practice of PEDODONTICS
Third Edition
Editor Arathi Rao MDS Professor and Head Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal University Mangalore, Karnataka, India e-mail: Foreword V Surendra Shetty
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Principles and Practices of Pedodontics
First Edition: 2006
Second Edition: 2008
Third Edition: 2012
Printed at
I am extremely pleased to write the foreword for the third edition of the book titled Principles and Practice of Pedodontics by Dr Arathi Rao. I have seen the book grow from its first edition to the present edition. The previous editions of this book have done extremely well and have fulfilled the need for a concise and comprehensive book, as reflected by its enormous popularity.
Dr Arathi Rao is an extremely focused and goal-oriented professional. She is committed to her specialty and department. Her concern for children and their health has made her achieve, what she is today as both an academician and a clinician. She is very innovative, always ready with new ideas and definitely this quality will help her achieve higher levels in her career.
The second edition was a brilliant upgrade. The present edition is definitely a class ahead. I would like to congratulate the author for bringing out the present edition and wish her good success in all her endeavors.
V Surendra Shetty mds
Manipal College of Dental Sciences
Mangalore, Karnataka, India
9Preface to the Third Edition
Progress in information and research is non-stoppable neither my addition of new information to the previous editions of my book. Pulp Therapy and Preventive Dentistry are two divisions of Pedodontic Practice that have been expanding in great speed. Newer additions in the Pulp Therapy chapter have been techniques like use of MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate), Apical Plug Placement, Regeneration, etc.
Preventive Dentistry is the most revolutionized branch of Pediatric Dentistry. Newer concepts of management, such as Caries Risk Assessment, Dental Home, Anticipatory Guidance, etc. have been included.
Child Psychology has always been a difficult chapter to understand. In the present edition, I have enriched this topic and have tried to make it easy-to-understand and interesting.
The presentation of the chapters have been modified and merged into different sections for easy understanding. Questions are added at the end of each chapter. I believe this will help the students to evaluate themselves. And those with extra thirst for information can benefit from the References and Further Reading at the end of each chapter.
Arathi Rao
11Preface to the First Edition
Pedodontics has always been a subject which is interesting but very vast. It is very difficult to find a book that is complete and suited for the undergraduate students, which is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. I have tried to cover all the topics in compliance with the syllabus of various universities in a very easy-to-understand way with adequate illustrations. Some extra useful information is given in separate boxes which makes it easy to read and remember. This book is aimed at helping the undergraduate students to have a better knowledge of pedodontics and to reproduce the same during the examinations.
I would request the readers to send their valuable suggestions and advice to me.
Arathi Rao
Thanks to all the students all over the country and abroad for appreciating the previous editions of the book.
Three people to whom I vow what I am today are—my parents Dr (Prof) K Nagesh Rao and Mrs Usha N Rao, and my dear guide Dr Subrato Sarkar.
The affection and support given to me by my family is heartening.
Last but not least for whom my whole life is dedicated, Arjun my wonderful son, without whom there is no meaning to my life.