MCQs in Objective Pathology with Explanations Sumant Sharma, Yogesh Chhabra
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1MCQs in Objective Pathology with Explanations2
3MCQs in Objective Pathology with Explanations
Second Edition
SumantSharma MD Laboratory Director/ Director of Infection Control Prince Sultan Kidney and Heart Center Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia YogeshChhabra MD Director of Blood Bank and Transfusion Services King Khalid Hospital Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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MCQs in Objective Pathology with Explanations
First Edition: 2000
Second Edition: 2012
Printed at
5Dedicated to
Dr Swarn Kanta Sharma and Dr Smita
Bade Jatan se Beeni Chadariya Jyon ki Tyon Rakh Deeni Chadariya
After living with great care, I will give back this life uncorrupted.
– Sant Kabir
6Preface to the Second Edition
Pathology is an oceanvast and without shores. The second edition of this book (the first edition was entitled MCQs in Objective Pathology authored by Dr Sumant Sharma), is an attempt to condense this ocean in a drop. As Gautama Buddha described (and later Immanuel Kant proved it to be correct) man is in the middle of creation (Madhyam Sthith), i.e. as far is man from the beginning of creation, so is God from man. Man's knowledge of Pathology also has reached this middle point and it just makes the challenge of knowing it all more daunting.
Buddha also described the characteristics of a good horse (Shrestha Ashwa). An excellent horse is one that gets up from slumber with the sight of rider's cane. A slightly lower standard is given to a horse which gets up on hearing the stroke of the cane on his friend. The worst is one that requires the stroke of the rider's cane to awaken.
Hurry up, flip the pages. The journey may be longer than expected. Let's draw blood!
Sumant Sharma
Yogesh Chhabr
7Preface to the First Edition
Most Pathology books are written with one examination or another in mind. The one in your hands now, is an all encompassing workbook. You can use it to enhance your skills in the subject or use it as a workbook to test your learning. The format of true/false is used in many national and international licensure examinations.
Study the chapter from any comprehensive textbook and then check your learning using this book. Give 1 mark for any correct answer and 0 for unanswered one, Give 1 mark for any incorrect response. In this way, a score of up to 70% should be deemed appropriate.
For somebody, who has regular responsibilities, it is difficult to compile such a Question Bank without the outside help from fellow professionals. I wish to thank everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved with the project.
Sumant Sharma
I am extremely thankful to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Chairman and Managing Director) for his patient support to the project. I must also mention the support given by the publishing team of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, New Delhi, India, especially Ms Samina Khan and Mr Gurnam Singh.
Lastly, I thank the past and future students of this great subject who have served as lamp-posts all throughout.