Textbook of Operative Dentistry Nisha Garg, Amit Garg
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Second Edition
Editors Nisha Garg MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics) Reader Sri Sukhmani Dental College and Hospital Dera Bassi, Mohali, Punjab, India Ex-Resident Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh, India Ex-Resident, Government Dental College Patiala, Punjab, India Amit Garg MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) Consultant Faridabad, Haryana, India Ex-Resident, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak, Haryana, India Foreword Neelam Mittal
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Textbook of Operative Dentistry
First Edition: 2010
Second Edition: 2013
Printed at
5Dedicated to
Prisha and Vedaant6
7Contributors 9Foreword to the Second Edition
I am delighted to write the foreword of the second edition of Textbook of Operative Dentistry. I have gone through the chapters of the book and found that Dr Nisha Garg and Dr Amit Garg have made all efforts to make subject simpler and user friendly for the undergraduate students, clinicians and also a reference for dentists and specialists.
The book is organized right from the basic chapters, i.e. Introduction, structure and physiology of teeth to the management of carious and noncarious lesions by esthetic restorations to precise metallic restorations with a latest trend of minimal intervention dentistry and conscious efforts to practice maximum conservation as per today's need of the patients. We are in the era of nanotechnology and nanodentistry is coming up in a bigger way, which is very well taken care in the book.
As the life expectancy is increasing in the population, the dental problems of these patients are highlighted with the solution and management with special emphasis of geriatric patients.
Nowadays, evidence-based dentistry is in practice and now it is an important aspect of the profession. The textbook concises an elaborated chapter based on this issue.
I am delighted and enlightened to read the book highlighting problems of dental patients in general and operative dentistry in particular. All the chapters of the textbook are described in a simple manner with more diagrammatic illustrations, graphs, charts and photographs. Befitting the quote of great Elbert Einstein, It is the Supreme Art of the Teacher to Awaken Joy in Creative Expression and Knowledge.
Professor Neelam Mittal
Dean and Head
Faculty of Dental Sciences
Institute of Medical Sciences
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India10
11Foreword to the First Edition
A textbook written with the undergraduate students in mind has seldom come in my hands till I went through the contents of the book in question. I am extremely pleased with the efforts put by authors in penning down the chapters in a systematic and flowing order such that one leads to the other. The commendable expression of the text has been painstakingly selected for the student to understand and grasp the subject of operative dentistry. The flow charts and the apt illustrations add to the understandability of the subject in various chapters. The authors who have already written two well-accepted books have left no stone unturned to include each and every part of the subject. They have tried to drive into the minds of students the basics along with reference to the advancements in the field of operative dentistry. I recognize it as a perfect blend of the age-old accepted concepts with the emerging trends. I would recommend it as a must-read book for one and all in the specific branch of dentistry.
Ravi Kapur
Registrar and Dean (Dental Faculty)
MM University, Mullana
Professor and Head
Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
MM College of Dental Sciences and Research
Mullana, Ambala, Haryana, India12
13Preface to the Second Edition
The need for a second edition of this book in less than three years of its publication is good evidence that professionals and students have appreciated the labor of editors and publisher.
In presenting the second edition of the book, we desire to express our appreciation in the kindly manner in which the previous edition was received by the professionals and the dental students. That this book has met the needs and filled the place of operative dentistry is confirmed by its extensive sale and general acceptance by dental professionals of various countries.
The text has been carefully revised and brought up-to-date. Almost all the chapters have been modified. Many new clinical photographs have been added and latest new material has been added.
In order to make the book as comprehensive as possible, several prominent personalities were invited to support, write and modify important chapters.
Dr Anil Chandra, Dr Lekh Santosh and Dr Sachin Passi took “Cutting Instruments”, “Cast Metal Restorations”, and “Cervical Lesions” respectively and modified these chapters with their clinical expertise. Dr Martin J Tyas made corrections in “Tooth Nomenclature”.
Dr J William Robbins modified the chapter “Esthetics in Dentistry”, Dr Niels Oestervemb suggested many changes in the “Bonding in Dentistry” and Dr Règia Luzia Zanata modified the chapter “Glass Ionomer Cements” with his suggestions.
We especially thank Dr Poonam Bogra, Dr Sarjeev Yadav, Dr Manoj Hans, Dr Navjot Singh Khurana, Dr Rakesh Singla, Dr Ruchi Vashisht, Dr Arundeep Singh, and Dr Kanishka Dua for contributing in form of photographs.
We are indebted to Dr S Ramachandran and Dr Anil Nair of Ragas Dental College for writing the chapter “Esthetics in Dentistry”. We are thankful to Dr Amita, Dr Suresh K Saini and Dr Gauri Malik for writing the chapter “Selection of Restorative Materials”.
We would like to especially thank Dr RS Kang, Dr JS Mann, Dr Anil Dhingra, Dr Sandhya Kapoor Punia, Dr Vikas Punia, Dr Rakesh Singla, and Dr Saru Kumar for their critical evaluation of the text and helping us in improvement of the book.
We are really grateful to Dentsply, Coltene Whaledent and GC Fuji for providing high magnification images and videos of products related to conservative dentistry.
It is hoped that all these modifications will be appreciated and render the book still more valuable basis for conservative practice.
We are thankful to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Group Chairman), Mr Ankit Vij (Managing Director), Mr Tarun Duneja (Director-Publishing) and staff of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, for showing personal interest and trying to the level best to bring this book in present form.
Nisha Garg
Amit Garg14
15Preface to the First Edition
Operative dentistry is one of the oldest branches of dental sciences forming the central part of dentistry as practised in primary care. The clinical practice of operative dentistry is ever evolving as a result of improved understanding of etiology, prevention and management of common dental diseases. The advances and developments within last two decades have drastically changed the scope of this subject.
Since effective practice of operative dentistry requires not only excellent manual skills but also both understanding of disease process and properties of dental materials available for use. The main objective of the book is to provide students with the knowledge required while they are developing necessary clinical skills and attitude in their undergraduate and postgraduate training in operative dentistry. We have tried to cover wide topics like cariology, different techniques and materials available for restorations, recent concepts in management of carious lesions, infection control, minimally intervention dentistry and nanotechnology.
So we can say that after going through this book, the reader should be able to:
Nisha Garg
Amit Garg