Nursing Solved Question Papers for General Nursing and Midwifery IIIrd Year Naina Bhardwaj
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With Important Theory [Based on Baba Faridkot University, Punjab]
Naina Bhardwaj Post Basic BSc Nursing Indo American College of Nursing (Moga) Rattan Professional Education College of Nursing (Mohali) Punjab India
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Nursing Solved Question Papers for General Nursing and Midwifery IIIrd Year
First Edition: 2012
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My parents mother, Neelam Bhardwaj and in loving memory of my father Dr Lajpat Rai Bhardwaj Who taught me to always love Care and be the best that I could be
I am sure, this book will prove beneficial to student by enabling them to prepare well for their examination.
It is a matter of great pride to present ‘Nursing Solved Question Paper's for General Nursing and Midwifery’ the third year students of general nursing and midwifery [GNM] as a student, I found difficulty in getting an authentic questions bank during my exams. However, there were a few book available in the market but they were not having the authentic questions with relevant answers so, I have complied this questions bank which appeared in Baba Faridkot University of Punjab as per INC regulations.
The book is written with great attention and concentration keeping in mind the basic requirement of IIIrd year nursing students. It contains solved question paper pediatric nursing, midwifery and gynecology and community health nursing with detailed explanation and important theory given at the beginning of every subject.
Naina Bhardwaj
I am thankful to the God, who strengthens me in each second in all my work by showing his blessing abundantly through various resources, which helped me in the accomplishment of the entire task in my life.
I want to acknowledge my parents who opened my door of opportunity in education. I thank my mother, Neelam Bhardwaj, for all of her love, support, and assistance as I continuously worked to achieve my professional goals, I thank my father Dr Lajpat Rai Bhardwaj, who always provided insightful word and of encouragement. My memories of his love and support will always remain in my heart. I am certain that he would be very proud of my professional accomplishments.
Dear Reader,
It gives me immense pleasure in bringing out 1st edition of this book. This book written with great attention and concentration Keeping in mind the basic requirement of the nursing students. The book is general contains “Solved paper for all subject of GNM IIIrd year” students with some Important theory. This book will prove really beneficial to nursing students and will enable the students to prepare well for their examination. Sincere appreciation and warmest thanks are extended to many Individual who in their own mays have contributed to the publication of this book.
My heartfelt thanks to my husband Rohit, my brother Monu Bhardwaj and Sonu Bhardwaj for their great support.
My sincere thanks goes to Jaypee Brother's Medical Publishers (Pvt) Ltd for publishing this book.
6INC Syllabus  
Hrs: 70
Unit – I Introduction
Unit – II The Newborn
  1. Characteristics of New Born and Physiological status of the new born:
    • Assessment of the new born: head to toe assessment (physical assessment), neurological assessment.
    • Nursing care of the normal/healthy new born including home care.
    • Breast feeding-concept of Baby friendly hospital initiative.
  2. Common health problems–medical and nursing management of:
    • Hyperbilirubinaemia, haemolytic disorder neonatal hypoglycaemia, sepsis, oral thrush, impetigo, erythema toxicum, hypothermia, neonatal convulsions.
    • Birth injuries; injuries of muscles and peripheral nerves, injuries of bones, sort tissue injury and injury of nervous system.
  3. High Risk New born
    • Definition: small for dates, Low birth weight
    • Common health problems of pre-term, post term and low birth weight infants and their nursing management.
    • High risk to new born of HIV +ve mother, diabetic mother, its medical and nursing care.
Unit – III The Healthy Child
The Infant
Growth and development during Infancy.
Health Promotion during Infancy
The Toddler
The Pre-Schooler
The School Ager
The Adolescent
Unit – IV The Sick Child
Nursing Interventions Adaptations in Nursing Care of Sick Child
Unit – V Behavioral Disorders and common Health Problems during Childhood, their Prevention, Medical and Nursing Management.
Nutritional disturbances, allergies, dermatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, failure to thrive, resistance to feeding, colic anxiety.
Early Childhood
Communicable diseases, poisoning, tonsillitis, otitis, media, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, child abuse, breath holding spells, bed wetting, thump sucking, nail biting, temper tantrums, masturbation.
Middle Childhood
Helminthic infestations, common skin infections, animal and insect bites, stuttering, pica, tics, antisocial behaviour, enuresis.
Later Childhood
Problems of puberatal development: Precocious puberty, tall stature, gynaecomastia, acne, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, sexually transmitted diseases, accidents, sports injuries, juvenile delinquency, anorexia nervosa, obesity.
Unit – VI Children with Congenital Defects / Mal Formations
Unit – VII Children with Various Disorders and Diseases
Etilogy, signs, symptoms, complications, prevention, medical, surgical and nursing management of:
Unit – VIII Welfare of Children
Hrs.: 100
Unit – I Health system in India (Organizational set-up)
Unit – II Health Care Services in India
Unit – III Health Planning in India
Unit – IV Specialized Community Health Services and Nurse's Role
Unit – V Nurse's Role in National Health Programmes
Unit – VI Demography and Family Welfare Demography
Family Welfare
Unit – VII Health Team
Role of Nursing Personnel at Various Levels
Unit – VIII Vital Health Statistics
Hrs.: 20
form these disorders and diseases.
Unit – I Introduction
Unit – II Reproductive System
Unit – III Embryology and Foetal Development
Unit – IV Nursing Management of Pregnant Women
Unit – V Nursing Management of Women in Labour
A. First Stage of Labour
B. Second Stage of Labour
C. Third Stage of Labour
D. Conduct of Home Delivery
Unit – VI Nursing Management of Baby at Birth
Unit – VII Nursing Management of Mother during Puerperium
Unit – VIII Complications of Pregnancy and its Management
Unit – IX High Risk Pregnancy and its Management
Unit – X High Risk Labour and its Management
Unit – XI Complications of Puerperium and its Management
Unit – XII Obstetric Operations
Unit – XIII Drugs used in Obstetrics
Unit – XIV Ethical and Legal Aspects Related to Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing
Hrs. 20
Unit – I Introduction
Unit – II Puberty
Unit – III Fertility and Infertility
Definition, causes both in male and female investigation and management.
Unit – IV Pelvic Infections
Unit – V Uterine Displacement and Descent
Unit – VI Sexually Transmitted Diseases and their Prevention
Unit – VII Breast Disorders
Unit – VIII Benign and Malignant Neoplasms of Reproductive Organs