Pediatric Milestones Sunil Natha Mhaske, Gautam Shantinath Aher
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Sunil Natha Mhaske MBBS MD (Pediatrics and Neonatology) Professor and Head Department of Pediatrics Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Medical College and Hospital Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India Co-author Gautam Shantinath Aher MBBS MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology) Professor and Head Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Medical College and Hospital Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India Forewords Ashok Raul KC Jain
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Pediatric Milestones
First Edition: 2013
Printed at
5Dedicated to
My Revered Teacher
Brig. Dr BR Sharma
It is exhilarating to see the metamorphosis of the Department of Pediatrics from caterpillar to butterfly with rainbow colors attempting to reach the zenith of academic advances.
The book Pediatric Milestones written by Dr Sunil Natha Mhaske is pleasure to read if that is the right word. Rarely have the history and modernity been so elegantly braided together as they are in this erudite, engrossing and remarkable project.
I can understand the ingenuity, resilience and perseverance in preparing the same. In the same breath, I exhort all readers to develop expertise in art and science of healing.
“Best of luck”
Sarve Santu Niramayaha
Lt Gen (Retd) Dr B Sadananda avsm vsm
mbbs md (med) md (ch) dha ndc
Secretary General
Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil
Foundation's Medical College and Hospital
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
8Best Complements From
Pediatric Milestones a book which shows repect to the great personalities who dedicated their lives in the field of pediatrics. This book explains how the field of pediatrics originated and became a giant subject. Wish Dr Sunil Natha Mhaske for his contribution regarding this field and wish him to fly high with seven colors.
Abhijit Diwate
Deputy Director
Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil
Foundation's Medical College and Hospital
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Pediatric Milestones by Dr Sunil Natha Mhaske is the excellent collection of historical aspect in the developments of medical field and history of pediatrics. This is not only informative but this improves the knowledge of medical students.
I congratulate Dr Sunil Natha Mhaske for his great efforts.
Ashok Raul MD
Padmashri Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil
Foundation's Medical College
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
It is my proud privilege to write Foreword for this book by Dr Sunil Natha Mhaske, who with his sincere endeavor and concerted efforts compiled the immortal medical contributions made by generations from ancient times to modern era. I am overwhelmed to see his academic flourish. Having researched on anthology of pediatrics, one realizes how much we owe our teachers of the bye gone era. It is not often these days that students maintain guru-shishya relationship with their teachers and mentors.
The various discoveries and inventions by luminaries have been zip compressed in this edition. Till half of last century, one has to go sheer by clinical acumen, personal judgment and collective experience to treat children. Unfortunately, even now there are many children who do not and many who live in dire need of basic necessities for reasonable physical and mental health. We are fortunate to live in the era of medical explosion in terms of microinvestigations, immunology, molecular biology and genetics. Know-how which have opened the mind blowing Pandora box in diagnostics, socio-preventive and therapeutics in the management of childhood diseases.
I am sure medical fraternity will relish to read these historical attributes.
Brig (Retd) Dr KC Jain
Professor and Head
Department of Pediatrics
Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital
Pravas, Palpa, Nepal
Pediatric Milestones is a journey of pediatrics from ancient time to till date. Swami Vivekananda said that, “Those who read the history, never make mistakes.” In today's fast life, no one has time to peep into the past. During teaching, we also forget these great persons who had made these inventions or discoveries in our field. In this book, I have tried to put light on these pediatric and pediatric-related milestone persons. I hope that this book will be little bit helpful to medical fraternity. I have tried my best to cover all the history related to pediatrics. Basically, it is the tribute to all the great persons who contributed to this field. In subsequent editions, I will try to get history related to Pediatric Hematology, Pediatric Oncology, etc.
I have dedicated this book to Brig Dr BR Sharma, because of whom this journey was possible. But my sincere and heartiest thanks are to my Guru—Brig (Retd) Dr KC Jain, who made me liable for this journey.
I am very thankful to my college administration, especially Dr Sujay Vikhepatil sir (CEO, Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Medical College and Hospital, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India), Lt Gen (Retd) Dr B Sadananda (Secretary General), Dr Abhijit Diwate (Deputy Director) and Dr Ashok Raul (Principal).
I especially thank my colleague, Dr Ramesh Kothari sir, my co-author Dr Gautam Shantinath Aher (Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), my wife Dr Rekha and kids— Rucha and Prabhat and very important my postgraduate students—Dr Sandeep Devkate, Dr Ram Sethi, Dr Pavan Suryavanshi, Dr Nishad Patil and Dr Rahul Mhaski.
My special thanks to Mr Ramesh Krishnamachari Iyengar (Commissioning Editor, Mumbai Branch) and Mr Shatrughan B Tupe (Branch In-charge, Pune) of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India.
Lastly, I request all the readers of this book, please send your valuable queries and suggestions to me on Email: to become part of this journey.
Sunil Natha Mhaske