Clinical Nursing: Concepts & Trends Mary Lucita
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3CLINICAL NURSING: Concepts and Trends
Mary Lucita BSc MSc MA PG Diploma in Distance Education PhD Regional Director and Principal University College of Medical Education Mahatma Gandhi University, Regional Center Angamaly, Kerala, India ForewordAnu N Baby
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Clinical Nursing: Concepts and Trends
First Edition: 2014
Printed at
5Dedicated to
My Loving Sisters
My Loving Colleagues
For Their Everlasting Support
My Loving Msc Nursing Students
Nursing education is incorporating an increasing amount of technology for patient care adding the demand of technology literacy to the many demands already facing nursing students today. However, the need to develop fundamental knowledge and the critical thinking skills to apply that knowledge to individual patient's requirements continues to be far more important to the overall quality of care a nurse is able to deliver.
Rapid change continues to occur in health care and nursing profession. Nursing care planning is taught in nursing colleges and schools. It is an academic exercise. As the student progresses into the senior year, this academic care plan must be transformed into a clinically useful product.
The provision of “high tech”, “high touch” and “high quality” nursing care services to the individuals is the heart of Nursing, a profession that is limited to direct care. Clinical concern at the individual level is not sufficient to the present and future health care needs of the nation.
A vast range of materials and experiences may be useful in assisting students to achieve their goals. The need for an authoritative advance and readable book persists. Dr Sr Mary Lucita's Clinical Nursing: Concepts and Trends meets their need to a certain extent. It is a classic resource in the field of Nursing in the hospital. It contains current materials and new management strategies.
This book will be of immense value for appraisal and reference to examiners in the colleges and schools and also clinical supervisors will find this book as an essential and useful companion.
I congratulate Dr Lucita for her noteworthy achievement and I am sure that her book will be of immense utility for all those for whom it is intended.
Anu N Baby
Regional Director
UCMEMG University, Regional Center
Kerala, India
Human life has become more sophisticated by the fast developing science and technology. Nursing service and education are attaining a challenging development in this new era. The quality of nursing service in future will depend on provision of good clinical education to today's nursing students.
Since student nurses play a vital role in patient care in the hospitals, this book will be of immense use to them as it will help them in effectively managing the wards with good patient care.
This book is organized in chapters with care plans. Influencing patient care, the material throughout the book is well-documented with an exhaustive bibliography included at the end of the chapter.
I hope that this book will be an asset in the field of Nursing Service.
Mary Lucita
Any author who has interest for writing any book needs help, and encouragement of other persons is very essential. This book has been a collaborative effort involving the time and talents of many people. To all those who have, in anyway, facilitated the development and publication of this book I am sincerely grateful and humbly aware that I could not have completed this project without them. I am especially indebted to those professional colleagues who reviewed the manuscript and offered both words of encouragement and constructive criticisms and also to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, and their staff for editorial input and help as the manuscript developed. I am thankful to my MSc Nursing students for their help and support during the development and publication of this project and keeping me well updated with newly published reference materials.
Finally, I thank and praise the Almighty God for leading me in his light and for his blessings.