Rapid Review of Hematology Ramadas Nayak, Sharada Rai
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1Rapid Review of Hematology2
3Rapid Review of Hematology
Ramadas Nayak MBBS MD Professor Department of Pathology Kasturba Medical College Manipal University Mangalore, Karnataka, India askdr.nayak@gmail.com Sharada Rai MBBS MD Associate Professor Department of Pathology Kasturba Medical College Manipal University Mangalore, Karnataka, India askdr.nayak@gmail.com ForewordAR Raghupathy
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Rapid Review of Hematology
First Edition: 2014
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It gives me great pleasure to write a short foreword for this new book on Rapid Review of Hematology.
This is a well-written concise but precise and student-friendly text that will be highly valuable to medical students. It will help in revising and reinforcing the fundamental concepts in hematology. It is very well organized with optional and correct usage of good pictures, schematic diagrams and flow charts. Every essential topic has been discussed giving opt importance and stress on salient features. Each statement mentioned in the text is well written as it carries the required essential points.
In short, this book provides within one volume a user-friendly review of the basic essential concepts in hematology. It will be of great help to not only second year MBBS students, but also for students preparing for entrance examinations, and students of allied sciences.
This book will certainly serve as a valuable gift and a valuable addition to the students' library and the user will definitely appreciate the content and presentation of the information in this book.
In conclusion, I am sure, this book brought out by Dr Ramadas Nayak and Dr Sharada Rai will be a very useful compendium for second year MBBS students, the students preparing for entrance examinations, and students of allied health sciences.
I hope the reader of this new book will get as much pleasure and knowledge as I did.
AR Raghupathy mbbs md pgdhhm (ignou)
Professor and Head
Department of Pathology
Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India8
Hematology is one of the rapidly expanding fields of medicine and emerging as a clinical specialty in its own right. Hematology is difficult to teach at the undergraduate level, as it is a part of the curriculum in Pathology, during which undergraduate students do not have enough exposure to diseases of blood. This results in less attention to hematological diseases at undergraduate level. After many years of teaching undergraduates, we found that undergraduate students either neglect hematology or find it difficult to understand the subject. It is a nightmare for many students especially during examinations. There are many hematology textbooks, but undergraduates face difficulties to refresh their knowledge of hematology during examinations. This encouraged us to write a book to fill the niche, to provide basic information to an undergraduate in a nutshell. With this view in mind, Rapid Review of Hematology is intended for the undergraduates from medical, dental and paramedical fields. Most students are fundamentally “visually oriented”. As the saying “one picture worth thousand words”, it encouraged us to provide many illustrations (e.g. etiopathogenesis, clinical presentation, complications, peripheral blood smear and other relevant laboratory tests).
This book is organized into four sections namely disorders of red cells, disorders of white cells, disorders of hemostasis and clinical scenario.
The final section deals with common clinical scenario encountered during theory examination.
How to use this book
We recommend that this book not to be used as a hematology textbook rather than a supplement to “Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology” (Authored by Dr Ramadas Nayak, Dr Sharada Rai and Dr Astha Gupta). The concepts of hematology have been oversimplified in this book, but all the information, the student will ever need to know, have been provided. The readers are requested to give more emphasis on word in bold letters that represents the key words to be remembered. The peripheral smear and bone marrow findings have been highlighted in colored background. Boxes have been provided at the sides of main text. These include some of the key points as well as commonly expected questions during examinations. This book can serve as a source of rapid review of hematology.
Ramadas Nayak
Sharada Rai10