Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Practical Record Book DP Narayan
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DP Narayan MDS Principal, Professor and Head Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Foreword S Kantha
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Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Practical Record Book
First Edition: 2015
Printed at
5Dedicated to
“My mother”
Who inspired me throughout my life to become whatever I am today6
  • Mayur Nath T Reddy
  • Reader
  • Department of Public Health Dentistry
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Deepti Vadavi
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department of Public Health Dentistry
  • RV Dental College, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Ajitha Kanduluru
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department of Public Health Dentistry
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Mahesh BS
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Sujatha BK
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department of Public Health Dentistry
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India8
The study of medical and dental courses involves two aspects, the theoretical aspect and practical/clinical aspect. To understand the theoretical aspect, practical/clinical observations are more important than theoretical learning. Keeping this in view, I appreciate the author Dr DP Narayan who has made an effort to write a clinical manual along with a Clinical Record Book of Public Health Dentistry for undergraduate dental students. This clinical manual gives a total and comprehensive description of the practical/clinical exercises. The author has made an exemplary attempt to infuse the understanding of the description of criteria, methods and procedures for dental indices needed for epidemiological surveys. The detailed description of each and every exercise has been presented very kindly and coherently and in a language that is quite clear to understand and which can be easily practiced and perfected by the students during their training period. Most of the text is self-explanatory and comprehensive with well-complied topics which are formatted in an easy-to-follow manner.
This Clinical Manual of Public Health Dentistry is a commendable work since it consists of the important yet often overlooked topics such as clinical management of medically compromised patients and management of medical emergencies in dental practice. Another aspect I admire is the exemplary attempt to include the World Health Organization, Oral Health Surveys: Basic Methods, Geneva, 1997.
This is a much needed Clinical Manual of Public Health Dentistry to provide a simplified approach to Dental Public Health teaching and practice in all the dental institutions in our country. The author has covered all the topics in accordance with the Practical/Clinical/Field Work Syllabus for Public Health Dentistry prescribed by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Dental Council of India (RGUHS and DCI). This manual is ideal for all undergraduates and postgraduates, who would like to have a strong foundation in the subject of Public Health Dentistry. Dr DP Narayan is a man with vision and mission.
S Kantha
First Vice-Chancellor
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India10
Public Health Dentistry in India is an upcoming specialty in dentistry from its infancy stage. Very few health universities and dental colleges in India had this specialty entity. Now the idea of Dental Council of India of improving the academic standards of dentistry in India by making it mandatory to have this specialty as a separate entity and separate dental department for training undergraduate and postgraduate students is highly appreciated. Though there is a separate department of Preventive and Community Dentistry in many dental colleges, it is yet to get momentum.
The main aim of this specialty is to prevent and control oral diseases at individual, family and community levels. Prevention is the backbone of control of any disease. If we look at the data of the developed countries, most of them have achieved their oral health goals through primary prevention such as use of fluorides, pit and fissure sealants and oral health education, plaque control technique, etc.
To understand this subject, practical observation is more important than theoretical learning. Hence, an attempt is made to bring out a Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Clinical Record Book which would help the undergraduate and postgraduate students to assess and understand a simplified approach to Dental Public Health practice an elementary knowledge of those public health that will help them design and operate their own programs. This Clinical Manual and Record Book presents a description of the criteria, methods, procedures and operational requirements needed for epidemiological surveys, School and Community, Oral Health Programs. It is designed as a teaching aid to be used by the dentist, who wishes to teach another dentist to perform the examination and preventive procedures. It is also designed to be used as a reference manual by the dentist who is responsible for planning, organizing and conducting and participating in Dental Health Programs. Hope this Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Clinical Record Book fulfill the words “a good book, which is opened with expectation and closed with delight and profit” as said by Amos Bronson Alcott.
DP Narayan12
To God the father of all, I am thankful for the strength that keeps me standing and for the hope that keeps me believing that this affiliation would be possible and more interesting.
No one walks alone on the journey of life; just where you start to thank those who joined you, walked beside you, and helped you along the way continuously urged me to write a clinical manual, to put my thoughts down on paper. Over the years, those that I have met and worked with this manual, and to share my insights together with the secrets to my continual, positive approach to life and all that life throws at us. So at last, here it is. Perhaps this clinical manual and its pages will be seen as “thanks” to the tens of thousands of you who have helped make my life what is today.
I offer my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our beloved Chairman, Late Shri Dr DK Adikesavalu for his divine blessings leading to successful completion of this clinical manual.
This clinical manual would have not seen the light of day without the constant support of our ever-encouraging dynamic Director, Mrs Kalpaja DA to whom I am deeply indebted.
I am also grateful to Dr Mrs S Kantha, our beloved Advisor, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, for her guidance and nurturing of this clinical manual.
Apart from the efforts of myself, the success of this clinical manual for depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of my peers Dr Mayur Nath T Reddy, Dr Deepti Vadavi, Dr Ajitha K, Dr Manasa S, Dr Sujatha BK, Dr Shweta HL, Dr Mahesh BS. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this clinical manual showing my greatest appreciation.
I would like to specially thank the Staff and Management of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd at New Delhi and Bengaluru for taking up this publication and helping me to endeavor this book.
Much of what I have learned over the years came as the result of being a husband to Mrs Thejaswini, father to 2 wonderful and delightful children, DN Nitin, DN Alok and my most loyal companion Brandi, my pet dog all of whom, in their own ways inspired me and, subconsciously contributed a tremendous amount to the content of this book. A little bit of each of them will be found here weaving in and out of the pages.
Last and not least: I beg forgiveness of all those who have been with me over the past years and whose names I have failed to mention.14151617181920