Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hariqbal Singh, Varsha Rangankar, Abhijit Pawar
Page numbers followed by f refer to figure and t refer to table
Abdomen 13
Abdominal wall fibromatosis, anterior 14
Acoustic schwannoma 358
degeneration 206
joint 206, 207f
Adamantinoma 188
Adenoma, adrenal 38
Adrenogenital syndrome 38
Adrenoleukodystrophy 324
Air, hypointense signal of 112f
Alcoholism, chronic 379
Alexander's disease 328
Annular tear 103
Aplasia 372
Aqueductal stenosis, congenital 280
Arachnoid cyst 341
Astrocytoma, cerebellar 361
Atrophy, cerebellar 379, 380f
Avascular necrosis 175, 220
Baker's cyst 257, 258f
Basal ganglia hyperintensities 377
Basilar invagination 92
Basi-occiput hypoplasia 92
Bicornuate uterus 46, 47f
Bile duct calculus 32
Bone 159
cyst 167
infarct 177
Bow tie sign, absence of 240
Brain 279
abscess 307
Broad ligament fibroid 50
Brodie's abscess 181
Bucket handle tear 240
Café-au-lait spots 169, 274f
Canavan's disease 326
Carbon monoxide poisoning, acute 377
Carcinoma, ovarian 55, 57
Carolis disease 22
Cell death, central zone of 177
Center line artifacts 396
vein thrombosis, internal 377
venous thrombosis 371
Cerebrospinal fluid 343
Cervical vertebra, compression fracture of 97
Cervix, carcinoma 62
Chamberlain's line 92
Chiari malformation 88, 92, 282, 286
Choledochal cyst 22
Cholelithiasis 26
Cholesterol stone 26
Cirrhosis 18
Clay Shoveler's fracture 95
Cleido-cranial dysplasias 92
Collateral ligaments 231
Complete tear tendoachilles 259
Compression fracture 99
Computed tomography 287
scanning 86
topogram 171f
Condylus tertius 92
Conns syndrome 38
Cord hematoma 97
Corpus callosum 282, 335f, 384f
Craniopharyngioma 356
Craniovertebral junction lesions 90
Crosstalk artifacts 398
Cruciate ligament 162, 228
Cushing's syndrome 38
Cystic encephalomalacia 321
Cysts, ovarian 54
Dacryocystocele 264
Dandy-Walker malformation 291
cysts 52, 267
spinal 145
Diastematomyelia 82
bulge 105
disease, degenerative 111
herniation and migration 109
lesions 103
Dorsal intercalary segmental carpal instability 160
anterior horn sign 240
posterior cruciate ligament sign 240
Douglas, pouch of 63
Dural ectasia 140
Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor 367
Dysraphism, spinal 80
Echinococcus multilocularis 270
Echo planar imaging technique 4
Edema 97
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 92
Ejaculatory duct cyst 70
Empty sella 369
Endometrial carcinoma 61
Epidermoid 343
Ewing's sarcoma 198
Extrapontine myelinolysis 377
Familial adenomatous polyposis 22
Fibrous dysplasia 169
Flipped meniscus sign 240
Fluid attenuated inversion recovery 10
Focal cortical dysplasia 285
avulsion 163
scaphoid 160
Friedreich ataxia 379
Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy 298
composition of 26
type of 26
Germinal matrix hemorrhage 375
Gibbs phenomenon 395
Glenohumeral ligament, bony humeral avulsion of 210
Glenoid labrum tear 210
Glioblastoma multiforme 352
Glioma 348
Global hypoxia 322
Globus pallidus 386f
Grave's ophthalmopathy 266
Greater tuberosity, avulsion of 204
Haglund's syndrome 259
Hemangioma 186
Hemochromatosis 16
Hemorrhagic renal cyst 42
Hepatic metastasis 24
Hepatocellular carcinoma 20
Hepatocerebral degeneration, acquired 385
Heterotopia 284
Hill-Sachs lesion 202
Hip joint 218
Huntington disease 377
Hyperdense cyst 42
Hyperintense cystic structure 71f
Hyperparathyroidism 92
Hypoplasia 372
Hysterosalpingography 46
Infection 301
hematogeneous spread of 226
spinal 126
Infectious organisms, direct implantation of 226
Infective arthritis 226
Inflammatory bowel disease 22
Intercondylar notch sign 240
Intraspinal lipoma 88
Ischemia 377
encephalopathy, hypoxic 319
injury, zone of 177
Japanese encephalitis 312
Joints 201
Joubert's syndrome 291, 293
Juxta-articular osteoporosis 217
Kayser-Fleischer rings 387
Kienbock's disease 173
Kissing contusions, classification of 241
Klatskin tumor 22
Klippel Feil syndrome 92
Knee joint 228
Kupffer cells 19, 401
Lacunar infarct 316
Laminectomy 124
Legg-Calv Perthes disease 177
Leigh disease 377
Leukomalacia 334
Ligamentum flavum
hypertrophy 120
thickening of 121f
Lipomeningocele 76
Liposarcoma 252
Lumbar disc desiccation with protrusion 107
Lymphoma 377
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa 250
Magnetic resonance
angiography 401, 402
cholangiography 30
cholangiopancreatography 34
imaging 24, 163, 177, 212, 240, 291, 400
venography 372
disease 383
syndrome 383
Marfan's syndrome 92
Masses, ovarian 54
McCune Albright's syndrome 169
McGregor's line 92, 94
McRae's line 92
Median nerve, fibrolipomatous hamartomas of 255
Medulloblastoma 363
Meningioma 149, 339
Meningocele 76
Meningomyelocele 86
Meniscal cysts 243
Mercedes-Benz sign 26
Metachromatic leukodystrophy 330
Methylmalonic acidemia 377
Mitochondrial diseases 377
Modic classification 113t
Monostotic fibrous dysplasia 169
MR angiography 10
Mucopolysaccharidosis 332
Müllerian duct cyst 64, 70
Muscle-eye-brain disease 298
Muscular dystrophies 298
Myelomeningocele 76, 88
Neoplasm 143, 339
Neural tube defect 80
Neurocysticercosis 302t, 305
Neurofibroma 155
Neuromuscular scoliosis 79
Olivopontocerebellar atrophy 379
Open lip schizencephaly 296
Opisthion-Basion line 286
Orbit 263
hematoma 269
hydatid cyst 270
rhabdomyosarcoma 276
OS odontoideum 90
Osteochondroma 110, 183
Osteochondromatosis 217
Osteogenesis imperfecta 92
Osteoid osteoma 218
Osteomalacia 92
Osteomyelitis 181
Osteoporotic compression fractures 116
Osteosarcoma 196
Paget's disease 92
Pancreas, pseudocyst of 34
Pancreatic cysts 36
Parameniscal cyst 243
Pedunculated fibroids 48
Pelvis 45
Perisylvian infarct 317
Phemister's triad 217
Pigment stone 26
Pigmented villonodular synovitis 217, 245
Pineal epidermoid cyst 346
Pituitary macroadenoma 354
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia 169
Pontine glioma 350
disease 126
spine 126, 127
Preisers disease 175
Prostate, carcinoma 68
Psoas muscles 127
Rasmussen encephalitis 309
Renal angiomyolipoma 40
Rheumatoid arthritis 92
Rosenmuller, valve of 264
Rotator cuff tears 212
Sacrococcygeal teratoma 157, 194
Sacroiliitis 136
Scheuermann's disease 110
Schmorl's nodes 110, 111f
Sclerosing cholangitis 22
Scoliosis 76, 77
Segond fracture 162
Septo-optic dysplasia 296
Shoulder joint 202
Simple ovarian cyst 55f
Spina bifida 76
cystica 76
occulta 76
Spinal canal stenosis 122
Spinal cord
contusion 102
ependymomas 151
lipoma 147
Spine, degenerative 103
Spinoglenoid cyst 208, 209
Spinous process fracture 95
Spondylolisthesis 84, 142
Stress fracture 165
Stroke 314
Structural scoliosis 79
Sturge-Weber syndrome 337
Subcutaneous lipoma 248
Subdural hemorrhage 381
Subependymal heterotopias 284
Superparamagnetic iron oxide 400
Taenia solium 305
Tallus chondroblastoma 192
Temporal choroidal fissure cyst 294
Tibial plasmacytoma 190
Torsion, ovarian 59
Transverse myelitis 138
Trauma, spinal 95
Triple PCL sign 240
Tuberculoma 301, 302t
arthritis 215
infection 217
Tuberous sclerosis 336
Tumors, neurogenic 153, 261
Undescended testis 72
Urinary bladder, carcinoma 66
Uterine fibroids 48
Vacuum phenomenon 111
Vermian hypoplasia 291
Vertebral hemangioma 143
Walker-Warburg syndrome 298
White matter disease 324
Wilson disease 377, 387
X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy 324
Zebra artifacts 396
Zipper artifacts 396
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Varsha Rangankar MD (Radiology) Associate Professor Department of Radiology Shrimati Kashibai Navale Medical College Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra, India
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7Contributors 9Preface
The advent of magnetic resonance (MR) has revolutionized the field of medicine. This book provides a large reservoir of MR imaging explanations routinely required. With these images in mind, it will help the residents, radiologists and the practitioners to interpret the possible diagnosis during their routine practice; however, they are advised to always correlate with the clinical picture. It will be an ideal orientation for anyone involved with MR image interpretation.
The book is intended for clinicians, residents, radiologists, general practitioners, MR technical staff and those who have a special interest in MR imaging. It is meant for medical college and institutional libraries, departmental and MR unit libraries.
Hariqbal Singh
Varsha Rangankar
Abhijit Pawar
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