Practical Tips for Infertility Management Jaideep Malhotra
Page numbers followed by f refer to figure and t refer to table.
Andrology set up 47
accessories used in 52f
Andrology work up 47
Antisperm antibodies 97
Arcuate uterus 100f
ART, complication of 116
Asherman's syndrome 15
Atrophic ovary 35f
Azoospermia 97
Blastocyst transfer 110
Calcium 120
Centrifuge machine 50f
Cervix and cervicitis 16f
Conception, pathway of 2, 2f
Congenital azoospermia, causes of 98
Creatinine 120
Echinacea purpura 5
Egg donation cycle 111
Embryo cryopreservation 111
Embryo development 72f
and implantation 3, 3f
Embryo donation cycle 112
Embryo freezing 85, 111
tools 86f
Embryo thawing 88
Embryo transfer 73f
stimulation protocol for 74f
Embryos 73f
Embryoscope time lapse 76
Endometrial receptivity assay 80f
Endometrioma 37f
Endometriosis 40
management of 40f
Epididymal sperm 66
External genitalia, of female 10f
Fallopian tube 13
Fasting insulin 126
Female evaluation and management 33
Female infertility, evaluation of 103
Female partner, workup of 31
Female reproductive system 10f
Fertilization 72f
process 17f
Follicles and endometrium, color Doppler in 24f
Follicular growth and hormonal regulation 12f
Gestational diabetes, oral glucose tolerance test for 122t
Gestational surrogacy 112
Ginkgo biloba 5
Hemoglobin 120
levels of 119t
Hormonal regulation, in females 13f
Hormone, normal ranges of 120t
Hormone level, in females 123t
Hysterosalpingography 15f
ICSI fertilization 72f
In vitro fertilization 108
Infertile couple 4
management of 90, 92
routine investigation of 31f
special tests for 32f
Infertility 96
approach to 4
causes of 6
factors in 6f
control 1f
in PCOS patients 117
management, laparoscopic evaluation of 42f
role in 96f
tests for 30f, 105
treatment 117
complications of 80
work-up, sequence of 17
Insemination, timing of 102f
Insemination/timed intercourse, stimulation protocol for 64f
Intrauterine insemination 64f, 100
advantage of 101
IVF cycle, fertilization in 116
IVF, steps in 71, 71f
IVF/ICSI cycle 117
Kallmann's syndrome 11
Laparoscopy algorithm 42
Lapse embryo assesment 68
Luteal phase defect 44
management of 44f
Luteinizing hormone 124
Male chromosome 67f
Male factor
anatomical 7
ejaculatory 6
endocrine 9
genetic 9
immunological infertility 8
infective 9
infertility 97
evaluation of 45f
sperm 7
viscous semen 8
Male fertility 97
Male partner, workup of 45
Male reproductive system 7f
Male, female and idiopathic causes of infertility 4f
Male, hormonal circuit in 8f
Menstrual cycle 11f
Oligospermia 97
Oocytes 73f
Ovarian abnormality 15f
Ovarian and menstrual cycles 122f
Ovarian function treatment 35f
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 110
Ovarian problems 35
Ovarian puncture 71f
Ovarian reserve 99
Ovarian stimulation
antagonist protocol 70f
long protocol 69f
short protocol 69f
Ovarian tumor 37f
Ovary 34
dermoid in 36f
normal 34f
Ovulation cycle 34f
Ovulation detection kits 23f
Ovulation induction 39
Ovulation problem 38
Ovulation, management of 38f
Ovulation-stimulation agents 39f
Phosphate 120
Pituitary 13f
Polycystic ovary syndrome 14f, 36f, 107
Potassium 120
coitus affect 106
hCG levles in early 121t
Preimplantation diagnosis 77f
Progesterone 124
in pregnancy 121t
Semen analysis 18
report 21f
Semen collection room 19f
Semen collection, protocol of 70f
Semen culture media 83f
Semen examination and processing 52
Semen extraction, evaluation and 97f
Semen freezing 81
cryocans used for 85f
Semen fructose 60
Semen pH 57
strip and measurement tool 54f
Semen processing 61, 62f
swim-up method 61f
Semen viscosity 56
Seminal fluid analysis 29
Seminogram, abnormal 46, 46f
Sex hormone 126
Sexual dysfunction 16
Smoking, effect of 98
Sperm agglutination score 55f
Sperm, anatomy 96f
Sperm count
low 20f
normal 20f
Sperm counting chamber 20f
Sperm function test 56
Sperm meter (semen analysis chamber) 48, 48f
Sperm, morphology 58
Sperm retrieval techniques 66
Sperm transportation to uterine tube 51f
Sperm, vitality 57
Sperm warmer 49, 49f
Sperm, criteria of distinguishing 54f
Spermatogenesis in testis 9f
Spermatogenic process 96
Sperms, abnormal 20f
Swim up from pellet procedure 82f
Testes and seminal tract, pathology of 66f
Testicular biopsy 26, 67f
Testis, section of 7f
Thyroid stimulating hormone 125
Time lapse embryoscope 78f
Tubal abnormality 15f
Tubal factor 41
of infertility management 41f
Urea 120
Uterine abnormality 15f
Uterotubal anomalies 103
Uterus 15
Varicocele, USG of 29f
Vitrified embryo on microtip 87f
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