Nuclear Medicine: A Case-Based Approach Munir Ghesani, Nasrin Ghesani, E Gordon DePuey, Amir Kashefi, Yi Chen Zhang
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1Nuclear Medicine A Case-Based Approach2
3Nuclear Medicine A Case-Based Approach
Editor-in-Chief Munir Ghesani MD FACNM Assistant Professor of Radiology Director of PET/CT Fellowship NYU Langone Medical Center New York City, New York, USA Section Editors Nasrin Ghesani MD Associate Professor of Radiology Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Newark, New Jersey, USA E Gordon DePuey MD Professor of Radiology Director of Nuclear Medicine Mount Sinai, St Luke's-Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospitals New York, NY, USA Amir Kashefi MD Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine Abdominal Imaging and Interventional Radiology Fellow Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts, USA Yi Chen Zhang MD Radiology Resident Mount Sinai, St Luke's-Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital New York, NY, USA Foreword Satoshi Minoshima MD PhD
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Nuclear Medicine: A Case-Based Approach
First Edition: 2016
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My parents, my wife, my children and my sister for their selfless love, inspiration and support and in loving memory of my mother…
Munir Ghesani MD FACNM
My mother…
Nasrin Ghesani MD
My wife, Golnaz and my daughter, Keemia for their kindness, devotion and endless support. My mother, for her unconditional love and in loving memory of my dad…
Amir Kashefi MD6
7Contributors 9Foreword
I am very happy to see Dr Ghesani's first edition of Nuclear Medicine: A Case-Based Approach. This book presents excellent case-based nuclear medicine studies that should be useful for trainees, practicing physicians, and technologists. Dr Ghesani was able to assemble a team of Section Editors and contributing authors across the world. Not only general nuclear medicine studies, but also nuclear cardiology and PET/CT studies are well-represented in this book. This is a clear reflection of Dr Ghesani's well-regarded expertise in clinical nuclear medicine and also his enthusiasm for nuclear medicine education. I hope this book will be read by many and serve as an indispensable case reference. Congratulations for the publication.
Satoshi Minoshima MD PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Radiology
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA10
Throughout my training and years in practice the concept of case-based learning has appealed me tremendously. While preparing for nuclear medicine and radiology board examinations, I relied heavily on the case-based teaching material, and have supplemented it considerably with my own teaching file cases created over the years. In order to communicate key learning principles, I have published a few of these cases in the form of case reports and have included several others in various sections of this book. It is my sincere hope that the potpourri of cases covering broad areas of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging will enrich and enhance the knowledge of the reader without making the learning process unwieldy.
Munir Ghesani12
First and foremost, I acknowledge unconditional support and understanding of my wife and my children in making this book a reality. I acknowledge the contribution of several mentors who have motivated me during my training and my two decades of practice to aim higher. I truly value my interactions with medical students, radiology residents and fellows. In the process of preparing for the conferences and contributing to review sessions, I myself continue to learn tremendously from them.
I am very thankful to Mr Jitendar P Vij (Group Chairman), Mr Ankit Vij (Group President), Ms Chetna Malhotra Vohra (Associate Director), Ms Sheetal Arora Kapoor (Development Editor) and production team of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India for providing me with the exciting opportunity to write this book, for their patience through this journey and for providing kind words of encouragement and support.
Munir Ghesani
I would like to thank Stephen Malutich MD, and Jonathan Kuo MD, for their help and contribution to chest and abdomen PET/CT cases; and Mohsen Beheshti MD, Werner Langsteger MD, Ramsey Badawi PhD, Abhijit Chaudhari PhD, Christian Pirich MD, Johan Löfgren MD, Ian Law MD PhD, and Andrea Ferrerod for their help and contribution to Non-FDG PET cases. I would also like to thank faculty and technologists at UC Davis Medical Center for all that they taught me. I would like to acknowledge their efforts, without whom this book would not be possible.
Amir Kashefi14