Hospital Administration and Management: A Comprehensive Guide Joydeep Das Gupta
Chapter Notes

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Hospital Administration1

Hospital administration is a complex task and it can cause headaches and one is likelihood of developing high blood pressure or ulcers if it is not handled properly. It involves planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. All these functions are required to achieve the objective of an hospital.
Officer and staff involve in hospital administration like administrator, paramedical staff and other general staff all be concerned with one goal, i.e. to provide best patient care with holistic approach.
It is unfortunate that administration has frequently lost sight of the fact that patient care is dependent upon the skill and attitude not only of the hospital personnel with whom the patient is in direct contact but also upon the skills and attitude of the many employees whom the patient may never get to see.
The staff policy of a hospital should help employees realize their goal and needs to ultimately improve the quality of patient care system.
Due to the growing awareness about health amongst the masses, hospital all over the world are therefore under tremendous pressure to improve their patient care services. Therefore, in the years to come Hospital administration will get more importance.