Orthopedics: Foot and Ankle Surgery Matthew S Austin, Gregg R Klein, David I Pedowitz
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1World Clinics Orthopedics: Foot and Ankle Surgery2
3World Clinics Orthopedics: Foot and Ankle Surgery
Editors-in-Chief Matthew S Austin MD Gregg R Klein MD Guest Editor David I Pedowitz MS MD
September 2015 Volume 2 Number 1
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Cover images: (Left)Abduction of the forefoot is often revealed by the “too many toes” sign, when looking at the heel from the back. In normal feet, only the fifth and half of the fourth toes are typically seen. Examination of this patient reveals abduction deformity bilaterally, left greater than right. Courtesy: Jeremy Y Chan, Scott J Ellis. (Middle) Increased left hindfoot valgus is seen on the hindfoot alignment view. Courtesy: Jeremy Y Chan, Scott J Ellis. (Right) After the wedge-shaped graft is fashioned, it should be placed into the osteotomy site and temporarily fixed with a K-wire to allow eversion testing of the subtalar joint. A mild amount of hindfoot stiffness may be beneficial to maintain correction of forefoot abduction, but approximately 10° of eversion should be present to reduce the likelihood of lateral foot overload postoperatively. Courtesy: Jeremy Y Chan, Scott J Ellis.
September 2015, Volume 2, Number 1
ISSN: 2348-702X
Printed in India
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This book is dedicated to my wife Morria, and my children, Nathan, Avi, and Dina who understand that our time together is our most precious commodity.
David I Pedowitz
David I Pedowitz MS MD
Guest Editor
This edition of World Clinics focuses on what is “new and exciting” in Foot and Ankle surgery. As a specialty which has seen a great deal of recent interest amongst established practitioners and also those first entering Orthopedic Surgery, we are particularly proud of the work contained herein. It summarizes new techniques and challenges old familiar routines in an effort to better our patents’ outcomes and help each of us stay abreast of where the next five to ten years may take us. I hope you enjoy this edition and continue to maintain a healthy dose of cautious optimism balanced by thoughtful criticism of both what we have become comfortable with and what advances we can still make for our patients.
David I Pedowitz MS MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Rothman Institute
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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