Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders Debasis Basu, Kiran Bahrus
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fm1Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disordersfm2
Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders
AuthorDebasis Basu MD (Internal Medicine) Consultant Department of Diabetes Apollo Gleneagles Hospital President, Diabetes Awareness & You Kolkata, West Bengal, India Author AssistantKiran Bahrus MSc (Clinical Research - UK) Clinical Research Coordinator, ICH Secretary, Diabetes Awareness & You Kolkata, West Bengal, India ForewordArlan L Rosenbloom
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Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders / Debasis Basu
First Edition: 2017
fm4Dedicated to
To our motherland {“InDia (bêtes)”} whom we lovingly call “India”, almost every citizen is born with an unequivocal potential of becoming identified with diabetes one day or the other. Here, it is being projected that nearly 1 out of 4 women (bêtes—what we call them in Hindi, our national language) getting pregnant may be poised to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes where two generations immediately fall into imminent high risk zone. Diabetes is sweet serial killer committed to ravaging one's health part by part, organ after organ slowly & silently. As all human beings are expected to be the authors of their own health or may unfortunately choose to be the sculptors of their diseases, may I solemnly swear to say exactly the reverse of what Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said – Patience is sweet but it's fruit is bitter. Please let us not wait further for the flattering sinister evil to knock us down and then try to hit it back, it will just devour the weaker us in no time. Unlike watering dead plants, It is for all of us to act now before it is too late.
Arise, Awake, & wait not till the goal (of getting the lovely planet back in living shape) is reached.
Arlan L Rosenbloom MD
Adjunct Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics
University of Florida College of Medicine
Gainesville, Florida, United States
Debasis Basu has assembled a phenomenal amount of information about musculoskeletal disorders associated with diabetes, running the gamut from those that are exclusively found with the disease (e.g., diabetic stiff hand syndrome; limited joint mobility/Rosenbloom syndrome) to conditions commonly associated with diabetes (e.g., Dupuytren's disease; frozen shoulder) to those with uncertain association (e.g., gout; osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis). Each condition is extensively reviewed with numerous references to the published literature and where useful, figures explaining pathogenesis. Overall, this makes for an exceptionally scholarly review and useful reference for clinicians and investigators.
Prisca Colaco
As I grew up, it was my Dia (my maternal grandmother) who had the strongest influence on shaping up my mind. She was a rather smart woman especially compared to the others of her age that you would reckon during that time. She gave me a lot of faith and inner strength and there was always a hint of mythological insight that she nourished me with, in raising me up. There is something that I carry with me always, one message which was loud and clear: “What goes around comes around”. I fondly remember those stories of biblical times when sweet food and fluid were recommended for pain relief. To lessen the pain of ritual circumcision, in Jewish tradition, a drop of sweet wine was placed in the mouth of newborn babies, while the Muslims rubbed the date juice inside the infant's mouth.
As there is enough evidence that savoring of sweetness helped to save people from painful agony, and if you are given the task to believe the principles of universal application of the natural law of Karma like I strongly do, then you would readily accept the enactment of a role reversal as a corollary. Therefore, it is but to be expected to see that the sweet silence of diabetes would give way to a bitter noise of pain (of bone and joint disorders) to complete the cycle. This reminds me of the article published in Lancet in the year 2000 entitled “When sugar is not so sweet,” which I deliberately want to mention in this context to reiterate how undeniably true Professor Campbell was, when I try to extrapolate this thought now and reframe “When sugar is so bitter” and spend my sweet time to fill this book up with what I did not know much at that point in time.
This book has been actually written backward. We began writing a book to revise on the article for a chapter published in one of the textbooks. We started flipping the pages from the last section of the article containing the bibliography with an objective to track the latest reference that we had incorporated into that article and update with most recent available information. Slowly, with passage of a given day along the timeline of our work schedule, we kept gathering more and more data and it almost seemed endless. During that period, I distinctly remember, it was monsoon pouring its soul out on one of those afternoons as we sat together customarily for the quotidian commitment to meet the deadline. Strangely, as opposed to the prosaic pragmatism which underlies the routine nature of this usually mundane job, the romantic rain ushered in a greener pasture to paint a very happy demeanor on her face and she spelt out her thoughts saying “Baba, let us put this content into the shape of a book.”
Debasis Basu
Specially to mention the contribution of (in no particular order):
Family at home, who still untiringly nurture the wish that one day I would be “normal” and toil and moil to put up with my whims and fancies all the time, though often, not with such silent serenity, as yesteryears. Jokes apart, you understand me so well, support me always, and encourage me to reach and achieve. For all the three of you (Bubli, Tata, and Titli), the more I try to express my gratitude, the bigger fool I will make of myself, hence humbly the biggest possible “Thank You”.
Ma, who kept on trying with her blind love and Baba who inspired me with a strange belief that writing postgraduate textbooks is like a joke (every vacation in the university will end with one more huge publication)—a prolific teacher/researcher and an author of endless texts.
Bigger family of Diabetes Awareness & You (DAY) from whom we learnt a new meaning of life and a zeal to work more for more. Indrajit, you are a part of my being. Unfortunately, you have learnt how to struggle with this extra unbearable baggage.
Mamta (my sister and a diabetologist frontrunner for a new chapter of DAY in Sikkim), an angel from the hills who can wear a sweet smile at ease in the most difficult times and will never fail to deliver. She is a complete mother replete with abundance.
As they all say, last but not the least, Kiran, a fair'y that God has been kind to send into my life, put her devotion into action and transformed my dream into reality. I am very proud of you, MaMa. Hope you keep alive the spirit of DAY with your array of light and aura of mindfulness.
Ad finem fidelis!
Jai Maa!