Viva on Pre-clinical Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry (For 2nd Year BDS Students) Kamna Kothari
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Introduction, Definition, Aim and Scope Conservative Dentistry and EndodonticsCHAPTER 1

  • Father of modern operative Dentistry— Dr GV Black
  • Father of Endodontics— Dr Louis Grossmann.
According to Sturdevant's, operative dentistry is the art and science of the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of defects of teeth that do not require full coverage restorations for correction. Such treatment should result in the restoration of proper tooth form, function, and esthetics while maintaining the physiologic integrity of the teeth in harmonious relationship with the adjacent hard and soft tissues, all of which should enhance the general health and welfare of the patient.
Factors Affecting Operative Treatment
  1. Caries.
  2. Malformed teeth.
  3. Discolored teeth.
  4. 2Nonesthetic teeth.
  5. Fractured teeth.
  6. Restoration replacement or repair.
Aims and Objectives
  1. Diagnosis of the disease.
  2. Prevention of the disease.
  3. Prevention of the loss of the tooth structure.
  4. Preservation of the vitality of the tooth.
  5. Preservation of the anatomy of the remaining sound tooth structure.
  6. Restoration of the health.
Endodontics is the branch of dental science which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, periapical and periradicular conditions.
Aims and Objectives
  1. Diagnosis of the diseases of the dental pulp.
  2. Identification and determination of etiological factors for pulpal and periapical disease.
  3. Prevention of the pulp and periapical tissues.
  4. Selection of the cases for the treatment.
  5. Determination of the prognosis of the treatment.
  6. Evaluation of the endodontic procedures.
  1. Diagnosis of pain.
  2. Protection of the healthy pulp
    • Pulp therapy
    • Pulpotomy
    • Pulpectomy
  3. Root canal treatment
  4. Surgical endodontics
    • Apicoectomy
    • Hemisection
    • Root amputation
    • Replantation.