Procedures & Theories of Community Health Nursing PM Thressiamma
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1Procedures and Theories of Community Health Nursing2
3Procedures and Theories of Community Health Nursing
Thressiamma PM MSc (N) Community Health Nursing Vice Principal and Associate Professor Wockhardt Institute of Nursing Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Formerly Principal, Garden City College of Nursing, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Principal, Shushruti College of Nursing, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Lecturer, Government College of Nursing, Fort, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India PG Guide, RGUHS, Life Member Trained Nurses Association of India, New Delhi Karnataka Nursing Council Registered Public Health Nurse since 29 years
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Procedures and Theories of Community Health Nursing
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It gives me immense pleasure in presenting this book Procedures and Theories of Community Health Nursing to nursing industry. I conceived the idea of writing the book due to lack of procedure and theory books in community health nursing, written by various authors.
Community Health Nursing offers prevention of diseases and promotion of health through various means of resources which is available in community settings. The role of Community Health Nurse is of great value since she/he is the decision-maker, through nursing assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing and evaluation of nursing process.
The book has been prepared for present-day nursing students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I believe that nursing knowledge is a fusion of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, self-interest and ethical components.
The book consists of extensive clinical procedures and theories as stated in the Indian Nursing Council syllabus. It is designed to fulfill the basic need of the Community Health Nursing procedures and theories for all nursing students.
I hope the book is very easy to understand and will continue to aid nursing students of all levels and staffs for their growing understanding of community clinical procedures and basic theories.
Thressiamma PM6
I thank God Almighty, who strengthens me each and every second in my activities by showering his blessings abundantly through various resources, which helped me in the accomplishment of the entire task in my life.
My heartfelt thanks to Administrators of Wockhardt Hospitals and Wockhardt Institute of Nursing for their timely resources and freedom facilities. My sincere heartfelt thanks to Prof Shridhar KV, Principal, Faculty Members and Technical Assistants for all kinds of help in completion of this book.
It is a sense of honor and pride for me to place on record, my sincere thanks to my teachers who taught me nursing, suggested, guided, and inspired in all the way. They include: Dr TM Krishnaveni, Professor and Head, Department of Community Health Nursing; Rtd. Asstt. Director, Health and FWS, Karnataka, India; Dr G Kasthuri, Principal (Rtd), Government College of Nursing, Bengaluru; Dr BS Shakuntala, Principal, Dean of Maruthi College of Nursing, Bengaluru; Dr BT Basavanthappa, Principal (Rtd), and author of 10 books in the nursing community; Dr HS Sheela, Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine, Bangalore Medical College, Karnataka, India; Dr Vidyamani Devegowda, Director of Health and FWS (Rtd), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
I am very grateful to Mr Suresh Kumar, Senior Sales Manager, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. for his valuable guidance for the completion of this book. I extend my gratitude to Principal and Faculty Members of Government College of Nursing and Garden City College of Nursing for their encouragement. My special thanks to ever-loving students of various colleges for their participation in procedures.
I also take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to my parents, Shri Emmanuel and Smt Thressiamma, my beloved husband Denis Almeida and my son Deepak Antony for their constant support, unconditioned love and continuous encouragement.