Manual of Temporomandibular Joint Shivlal M Rawlani, Sudhir S Rawlani
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1Manual of Temporomandibular Joint2
3Manual of Temporomandibular Joint
Shivlal M Rawlani BDS MDS Associate Professor Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University) Wardha, Maharashtra, India Formerly, Associate Professor and Head Department of Dentistry Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Wardha, Maharashtra, India Co-author Sudhir S Rawlani BDS MDS Assistant Professor Department of Public Health Dentistry Dada Saheb Kalmegh Dental College Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Forewords AJ Pakhan Rahul R Bhowate
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Manual of Temporomandibular Joint
First Edition: 2016
Printed at
5Dedicated to
My beloved parents
Mihomal H Rawlani
Smt Krishnabai M Rawlani
My wife - Dr Shobha Rawlani
daughter - Sujata Rawlani6
7Contributors 9Foreword
It is heartening to note that Dr Shivlal M Rawlani, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University), Nagpur Maharashtra, India, and Dr Sudhir S Rawlani, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Dada Saheb Kalmegh Dental College, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, have authored the book Manual of Temporomandibular Joint.
Their efforts are significantly appreciable, in as much as it is the end result of their creative and inquisitive, initiative, blended with untiring labor and the single-minded commitment to the cause.
This book is indeed is a beautiful compilation of development, anatomy, clinical examination, recent imaging techniques disorders and their management, pertaining to temporomandibular joint. The book also deals in regard to the various applied aspects of temporomandibular joint disorder and its considerations in dental specialty.
The another significant and praiseworthy aspect of the book is the extensive number of clinical photographs of normal components of temporomandibular joint and different temporomandibular joint pathologies, that have been incorporated, which are bound to facilitate the understanding of the issue in a genuine way.
The topic chosen for the book is significant, in as much as the various aspects with reference to the pathologies of temporomandibular joint, have been dealt with not only adequately, but also in a very lucid and free-flowing manner.
It is a book which can be said to be “handy, informative, readable” and capable of stating various facets of inquisitive mind and intellect alike.10
I unhesitatingly record my sense of appreciation for the authors, for their diligent efforts which would be validated exclusively by the appreciation that will evoke from amongst its readers.
AJ Pakhan MDS
Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital
Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University)
Wardha, Maharashtra, India
My hearty congratulations to Dr Shivlal M Rawlani for bringing out a comprehensive Manual of Temporomandibular Joint. This is the outcome of determination and devotion along with hard work, the author worked for last 2 years.
The author has realized the multidisciplinary approach in understanding the pathological disorder associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and completed the comprehensive short textbook on TMJ including embryology, development, anatomy, clinical and imaging characteristics with discipline-based disease process. This Manual of Temporomandibular Joint is definitely helpful in understanding complexity of TMJ with disease process for undergraduates, practitioners and postgraduates.
The various specialty authors have put their in-depth knowledge to integrate the subspecialties for better understanding the complexity of TMJ. Also, appropriate schematic diagram, clinical and imaging characteristics made it easy for reader.
I extend my good wishes to Dr Shivlal M Rawlani and his team authors for successfully completing the integrative excellent work.
Rahul R Bhowate MDS MSc (PHE)
Professor and Head
Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology
Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital
Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University)
Wardha, Maharashtra, India12
It is a proud moment for us to present a comprehensive compilation of temporomandibular joint pathologies. The book is an outcome of a vast compilation of data, both literature-wise and clinical, regarding the various conditions afflicting the temporomandibular joint. Temporomandibular joint disorders are routinely encountered in our day-to-day clinical practice.
Temporomandibular joint pathologies include a wide range of disorders ranging from developmental, infective to neoplastic. Patients with temporomandibular joint disorders may resent to anyone including a dentist, routine family physician or ENT surgeon. Perfect diagnosis and management is a key factor in maintaining the health-care standards.
This book deals with a thorough and precise, pointwise discussion and compilation of data pertaining to relevant temporomandibular joint, development, anatomy, classification, imaging, clinical presentation, management and correlation of temporomandibular joint disorders in relation to a variety of dental specialties. It is supported by explicit sketches and illustrations, line diagrams and above all, clinical pictures of most of the conditions affecting temporomandibular joint.
The scope of this book is multidisciplinary as it describes a wide range of consideration in a variety of dental specialties. We hope that this small effort would be helpful to not only undergraduate and postgraduate students but also to all clinicians who deal with the diagnosis and management of these disorders.
As this is the first edition of the book, there may be few mistakes/errors in text. I will be very thankful to the teachers and the students for sending suggestions and drawing attention towards the errors.
Shivlal M Rawlani
My special thanks to my dear friends and colleagues, Dr Atul Indurkar, Dr Ranjit Patil, Dr Modi, Dr Umargi, Dr Dinkar, Dr Sathwane, Dr Bhashkar Patel, Dr Savita Ghom, Dr Kumbhare, Dr Tapsya Karamore, Dr Anshul Khandelwal, Dr Abhijit Deoghare, Dr Bhola, Dr Pankaj Banode, Dr Kailash Singhaniya, Dr Ranjit Kamble, Dr Baloor, Dr BK Motwani, Dr Niranjan Naidu, Dr Dhirwani, Dr Vidhya Lohe, Dr Suwarna Dangore, Dr Arti Panchbhai, Dr Ravi Raj, Dr Sarat Gumdupu, Dr Bollanagesh, Dr Ravi Kiran, Dr Sunita Kulkarni, Dr Deepak Samdhani, Dr Gadhewar, Dr Rajesh Gondhrekar, Dr Adwani, Dr Nita Mishra, Dr Mobin, Dr Ramnic Madan, and Dr Rajesh Gadekar.
My heartful thanks to my wife Dr Shobha Rawlani, my son Sudhir S Rawlani and my daughters Sujata Rawlani, Monika Rawlani, whose valuable support has made possible to complete the book. I am also thankful to my dearest Dr Neha Agrawal, Dr Neha Bhandari, and Dr Freshka Adwani.
I am immensely thankful to my daughter Dr Sujata Rawlani and Dr Swapnil Mohode, for their valuable help in composing and editing the material for this book.
I am also thankful to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Group Chairman), Mr Ankit Vij (Group President) and Mr Tarun Duneja (Director–Publishing) of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, for accepting my project and publishing the book.