Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry Rebecca James Perumcheril
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Second Edition
Rebecca James Perumcheril MD (Biochemistry) Assistant Professor Government Medical College Calicut, Kerala, India Edited by Jomy P Thomas Forewords Ravindran Chirukandathu Tajan Jose NC Cherian MG Jose Raj
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Disclaimer: National Board Pattern Questions
The questions which are discussed here are a model of AIPGME/DNB conducted in Nov-Dec 2012 to 2015 and not obtained from NBE/DNB question bank, neither by force or compulsion by students, with due respect to the NDA (non disclosure agreement). If any similarities occur it may be due to mere coincidence and the author or the publisher is not to be blamed about. All questions discussed here can be found in one or the other question banks, guides and not any persons private property. The author is not related in anyway to the NBE/PGI/AIIMS exam conducting authority or agencies.
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Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry
First Edition: 2015
Second Edition: Digital Version 2017
This book is dedicated to my son, my husband, my parents and in laws, my brothers and to all the students of my classes and facebook group, and the students who could not attend my classes and inspired me to write a book.
Thrissur Medical College Alumni Association (TMCAA) is a CME Programme started in the year 2000 for Junior Doctors guiding and coaching for various PG entrance exams. Our principle is professionalism and structured orientation. Beyond guiding thousands of students to their dream PG and being one of the top institutes in the field we have also generated and promoted many deserving faculties and authors since the inception. Dr Rebecca had started her career as a PG guidance faculty from this institute four years back. Her teaching methodology and updated notes and techniques are well appreciated by students and her notes are of much demand as a “must for exam points”. We welcome and appreciate her effort in compiling her notes into students friendly entrance guide. Wishing all success to her and students reading second edition, Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry.
Ravindran Chirukandathu
Chief Coordinator and Secretary
CME for Junior Doctors
Thrissur Medical College Alumni Association
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Tajan Jose MBBS (Orthopedic)
President and Coordinator
CME for Junior Doctors, Thrissur Medical College
Alumni Association (TMCAA)
Thrissur, Kerala, India
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the second edition of the book “Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry” written by Dr Rebecca James. She is one of the best faculties in her subject in Calicut Medical College Alumni CME entrance guidance programme. The book comprises a vast collection of questions from the recent exams and thoroughly described. I am sure that now this book will become a necessity among the PG entrance Aspirant's books. Wishing all the success for the book.
NC Cherian MBBS MD (Paediatrics)
Additional Professor of Paediatrics and
Coordinator, Calicut Medical College
Alumni, Medical updates programme
Government Medical College
Calicut, Kerala, India
The second edition of the book “Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry” has been written as a course material for the various national level (NBE pattern), central institutes, state level, and private medical entrance exams. Dr Rebecca James has been a very keen and devoted teacher in her career. Her new and innovative visual and easy learning techniques have been much useful for her students. The references given are up-to-date and authentic and the presentation and charts are much students friendly. I do recommend this book for PG entrance aspirants. I heartily congratulate her and wish her all the success for this excellent piece of work.
MG Jose Raj MD (Biochemistry)
Professor and HOD, Biochemistry
Government Medical College
Kozhikode, Kerala, India
FM9Preface to Second Edition
“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often ……” Winston Churchill
After the overwhelming reception of the first edition of the book across India I am more than excited to release of the second edition. The responses from toppers of various PGMEE speak for the success of the first edition. In this edition we have incorporated the reviews and suggestions about the first edition from readers, yet the same format have been kept in order to remain it as a perfect book for PG aspirants.
Rebecca James MD (Biochemistry)
FM10Preface to First Edition
Writing a book for Postgraduate Medical Entrance in Biochemistry was a dream for me when I was doing my PG career. But when I started Postgraduate medical entrance coaching, gradually I recognised how hard it was for students to learn the subject. There is no subject expert written book in biochemistry for the major exams like PGI, AIIMS, AIPGME, JIPMER, or even state entrance exams. None of the students had learned biochemistry properly or were not taught properly in their MBBS course and for entrance. Students were forced for learning from books not by a subject expert which are just to pick some points from standard books without explanation or internet reference. Biochemistry comprises up to 8% in NBE exams and up to 30% in PGI exams and lots of researches and updates are coming up in this field. My students often would come asking with doubts quoting some of these guides in which many answers I found wrong. As four years passed in postgraduate medical entrance coaching I made my own notes based on standard textbooks with clinical scenarios and emphasised on teaching to think and correlate rather than mugging up biochemistry. Gradually students from other institutes started asking for my notes and requested me to write a book so that they could also read it. This book is meant for it. I approached Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., and they accepted my proposal, the remaining is in front of you.
This is a PGMEE book and do not compare it to any standard books, but you will get up to 96% if you learn this properly. Biochemistry is a very vast subject with future of research, genetics, which will be overtaking the future of the medical field in time. This book is just a small flower in a big garden. I know that learning in my class would be better than reading this book but due to practical difficulties it is not possible, I have done much justice in including my own made pictures and mnemonics to make it as understandable as possible. I wish that you thoroughly go through this book and gain maximum knowledge from it as it has all the points for scoring top rank in major exams. Wishing you best of luck for your dream PG in the coming exams. Genuine doubts are always welcome. Students can feel free to contact me at gmail/whatsapp.
Rebecca James
Writing this book has never been easy to me. “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” — Robert Frost.
First and foremost I would like to thank God for enabling me in completing this work. In the process of putting this book together I realized how true the gift of writing is in me. You have given me the power to believe in my passion and pursue my dreams. This would not have been possible without the faith I have in you, the Almighty.
To my husband Dr Jomy, you have been the greatest inspiration and pillar of strength throughout the work. Without your relentless support, this book would have never been materialized.
To my son John, you are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life! This book would have never been complete without you letting me do. Thank you so much.
To my beloved Father Mr. James P George, I am speechless! I can barely find the words to express all the wisdom, love and support you have given me. I am forever grateful for being born to and raised by such an amazing person. If I am blessed to live long enough, I hope I will be a good a parent as you are and always been to me. I love you too, Amma. I also extend my gratitude to my brothers, Mr George James and Mr Philip James.
To my in laws Mrs and Mr Thomas P John, thank you for all the support as my parents and for encouraging me.
I acknowledge Shri Jitendar P Vij, (Group Chairman), Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., Mrs Chetna Vohra, (Associate Director), Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., Mr Venugopal, (Associate Director—Sales South), Mr Jagadeesh S, (Branch Manager), Jaypee Brothers, Kochi and Ms Payal Bharti, (Project Manager) in making this dream a reality.
Deep gratitude to all the Jaypee team all over India for their tremendous efforts in marketing.
Special thanks to my colleague, Dr Shibu TS, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Medical College, Thrissur for his guidance and mental support.
I thank the colleagues of my department (Dr Geetha PA, Dr Jayaraj K, Dr MohamedAshraf, Dr Asha E, Dr Shaji Sreedhar) for their expert opinions and valuable suggestions.
I thank all Senior residents (Dr Anjana, Dr Rejitha Reghunath) and Junior Residents (Dr Anju V, Dr Shajna, Dr Ashuthosh, Dr Sreevalsan, Dr Nasid, Dr Fesina, Dr Rashid) in Department of Biochemistry, Government Medical College, Calicut for your helping hands in arranging the previous questions of various entrance exams and also in the tedious job of proofreading.
I thankfully remember Ms Pradheera M who helped me a lot in typing works.
Also Thanking
  • Dr MG Jose Raj, Professor and HOD, Government Medical College, Kozhikode
  • Dr Tajan Jose, Coordinator and President TMCAA, Thrissur
  • Dr Ravindran Chirukandath, Coordinator and Secretary, TMCAA, Thrissur
  • Dr NC Cherian, Calicut Medical College, Weekly Medical Updates, Coordinator
  • Dr Arun Kumar, ADR Plexus-Digital strides Coordinator
  • Dr Arun Kumar, AIIMS Academic Director
  • Dr Manorajan Pozitive, PG Coordinator
Staff and Residents of Department of Biochemistry, Government Medical College, Kozhikode
Dr Akhil K, Dr Goutham Nallaiyan for their mental support
Mr Praveen TMCAA staff
All my students who supported and contributed questions of various PGMEE. Their immense support for making the second edition of the book is impressive. I thank all those who had been on my side on this journey.
Dear students,
I consider you as one of my students by using this book and I believe it is my responsibility to guide you through in your postgraduate medical exams and I wish you all the best to come out with flying colors. I know that many of you feel that Biochemistry is one of the most boring subjects you have learned in MBBS. This is primarily due to the methodology you have been taught and you tend to think of it as a subject of cycles and test tubes. But the fact is that if it was taught with all clinical correlations and the practical applications the subject becomes interesting and beautiful. I hope you will have a renewed perception about biochemistry after reading this book.
This is a concept-oriented book where you learn biochemistry and its applications This is made in a review book style to enable you to answer questions with ease. Another aspect of it is the clinical approach which makes it easier to learn, understand and recollect. Previous questions from all the major exams (PGI, AIIMS, AIPGMEE, STATE ENTRANCE, FMGE, PRIVATE EXAMS and NATIONAL BOARD) are included for discussion.
In learning biochemistry it is recommended to finish the topic you started before moving to another subject so that you can correlate all portions together. You can finish reading the whole book in less than ten days for the first study, five days for revision after three months and two to three days for revision just before your exam. I assure you 96% score. After a careful analysis I find that 40% of questions are direct and another 40% are twisted and a 20% of them are from recent updates. 30 of 200 PGI exam questions are from biochemistry and molecular genetics. AIIMS exam always introduces 2–3 questions about recent updates and NBE which conducts DNB/PGET comprises of 9% questions from Biochemistry which might include pictorial questions and missing parts of certain reactions and clinical questions. Please make sure that you revise the subject as it is a little volatile. This book is different from the usual guide for postgraduate medical entrance exams since every part of it are referred from standard books.
You may feel free to ask your questions, you can mail me or post in my facebook discussion forum. As always, your feedback is important to us. If you believe you have identified an error in the book, please send an email to If you have general comments or suggestions please drop me a line directly to my email. We are continually striving to meet the needs of all individuals preparing for the entrance exams.
Wishing you all the best
Rebecca James
Mob 9447440193
For author online support, follow
‘Dr Rebecca biochemistry discussion group’ in facebookFM13
FM14Students’ Testimonials
Dr Fen Saj
PGI Nov 2015 3rd rank, JIPMER Nov 2015 6th Rank
“I consider myself fortunate to have attended Dr Rebecca's high yield lectures at TMCAA. She is a very dedicated teacher and makes the core concepts in Biochemistry simple and interesting. Her book, Self assessment and review of Biochemistry is a must read for all entrances especially for PGI as they ask almost 20 + questions from biochemistry and related topics. The book will compensate for those who cannot attend her classes as it is well written, updated, error free and revision friendly.”
Dr Ram Manohar Talupula
AIIMS Nov 2015 2nd Rank
“I heard about Dr Rebecca's Self assessment and review of Biochemistry during my PG preparation time, when I was confused about what book to read for Biochemistry. I feel this book as a perfect example of how an entrance preparation book should be. This helped me a lot especially during the last few days before the exam, as it is concise and at the same time high yielding”
Dr Vimal Chacko
JIPMER Nov 2015 Rank 6, AIIMS Nov 2015 Rank 53
“Madam, I am your student in TMCAA. I want to thank you so much. All the questions that came from Biochemistry was covered by you. Your classes made the difference.”
Dr Nabeel Faizal
AIIMS Rank 193
“Thank you for your valuable teaching and guidance.”
Dr Mohammed Ameen
AIIMS Nov 2015 Rank 13
“Thanks a lot for your classes and wonderful book. I could answer many questions from Biochemistry. Madam's class and book matter a lot to me.”
Dr Aishwarya
DNB Dec 2015 Rank 25
“Thank you mam…Your classes and book have always given us the extra edge. Whatever we know about Biochemistry is only because of you.”
Dr Akhil K Aravind
AIIMS Rank 92
“Thank you so much mam. All biochemistry questions were from your class and book only. I attended all biochemistry questions with confidence. That is the success of a good teacher like you mam. God bless u”
Dr Uma Shankar
“Mam got 250 rank in AIIMS. Your page and information provided by you helped me a lot”
Dr Arjun
“I got 27th rank in JIPMER Nov 2015. Your classes were excellent and inspiring and everything you taught only was asked. Your last minute revision in the facebook group was really useful. Thank you so much mam”FM15
PG Aspirant from Thirunelveli
“It is written in my fate that I should understand the true core of biochemistry after MBBS through your book. In Islam it is told that to sustain your life even after death is to give charity and to teach the ignorant. Mam you are one who deserves that place. Hats off to you mam to give us knowledge of Biochemistry through your book”
Dr Nikhil
“ Hello mam this is Nikhil from Banglore. I am preparing for PG entrance, I bought your book. I usually hate biochemistry, but after reading the first chapter itself I fell in love with biochemistry. It is an awesome way of explanation you have given mam”
Dr Sindhu Jonnala
“ Thank you mam for such a wonderful book. You have just simplified everything. Mentioned all must know topics. The high-yielding points represented very well. I was always having fear for Biochem, it was a nightmare for me. Your book boost up my confidence for preparation. Thank you mam for such big help”
Dr Payal Kumari
“Thank you mam for your book and forum in facebook. I attempted all biochem questions correctly in AIPGMEE and DNB”
Dr Swati Dash
“Biochem was the dreadful subject in my career. I am very poor in basics. Then I got to know about your book. I can not express my gratitude and words enough to express the amount of confidence your notes in the book have instilled in me now. Thank you for the wonderful book”
Dr Nilotpal Bhattacherjee
“Mam exam was good. All from your book and updates in the facebook group”
Dr Deepika Mishra
“Hello mam. Someone suggest your book last year and may I just say that its brilliant. I have struggled with biochemistry, the book made so many concepts clear to me, even everything asked in PGI and AIIMs this year was mentioned in your book. So thanks a lot.”
Dr Surbhi Jain
“Thank you mam for this time in AIIMS biochemistry questions I was more confident in answering because I could recall the questions as direct lines from your book”
Dr Sharath M Adiga
“Hi mam I would like to thank you for your guidance in TMCAA and your awesome book. I got rank 158 in AIIMS”
Dr Saravanan Ganesan
“Thank you for your wonderful lecture and book I got rank 78 in AIIMS in UR category”
Dr Vigneshwar Sivaraman
All questions in DNB were direct from your book. Your lecture is the best of biochem I ever attended”
Dr Navin Srinivasan
“Mam your book is too good. I like biochemistry and Harper a lot. Your book is no less than Harper “
Dr Naveen Murali
“I read your book though not fully, but I attended all biochem question in Nov AIIMS 2015. I always felt I would not read biochem, but after buying your book things changed. Thanks a lot”FM16
Dr Aqhib Nadeem
“Mam I am your student in TMCAA. I am extremely to your ultimate teaching and your book. I could read whole biochemistry in just 2 and half days, and answer almost all the biochemistry questions correctly”
Dr Ragesh Ravindran
“All questions from your book mam. Me and Calicut Medical College is proud of you”
Dr Neha Thakur
“Your book is an epic mam. I marked almost all questions right. I am happy because for the first time I could solve biochemistry”
Dr Vimmi Gautam
“You are the best mam. Your words were questions. Mam biochem I felt so happy to answer because of you”
Dr Prachi Gupta
“Biochemistry was a dreaded subject for me. And in my previous attempt I did not even touch this subject as it looked scary. A friend of mine referred me your book. I bought it and read it. I must say “What an effort mam!!! I am so happy and satisfied with your book and it gave me confidence that ‘Yes, even I can attempt biochemistry’ questions.”