Practical Pathology for Dental Students Harsh Mohan, Sugandha Mohan
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1PRACTICAL PATHOLOGY for Dental Students2
3PRACTICAL PATHOLOGY for Dental Students
Second Edition
Harsh Mohan MD, FAMS, FICPath, FUICC Former Professor and Head Department of Pathology Government Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh-160 031 INDIA E-mail: Sugandha Mohan BDS, DDS (NYUCD, NY, USA) E-mail:
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Assistant Editor: Praveen Mohan
Practical Pathology for Dental Students
First Edition : 2011
Second Edition : 2017
Printed at
There is nothing in the world equal in purity to knowledge, the person who is perfected by yoga, finds it of himself in the self by the course of time.
(The Bhagvatgita: Ch IV, Verse 38)
After wide support and success of maiden edition, we are pleased to present the second revised edition of Practical Pathology for Dental Students along with the fifth revised edition of Essential Pathology for Dental Students. The objective of revised edition remains the same as was for the first edition.
It is common knowledge that students of dentistry in India (and in many other countries) learn pathology in two phases—General Pathology in second year and Oral Pathology in their third year of the course. As an experienced teacher (first author, Harsh Mohan) and as a young dentist practicing in USA (Coauthor, Sugandha Mohan), it has been our observation that BDS students who are studying in shared campuses for BDS and MBBS students, do not get sufficient attention in general medical subjects from their teachers of medical college compared from the attention and care, they get from their teachers of core dental subjects from their dentistry teachers. It is also recalled that until a few years back, there were no separate books meant for students of dentistry in general medical subjects taught to dental students. In fact, our Practical Pathology for Dental Students in 2011 was the first exclusive practical book in pathology as per requirement and syllabus of second year BDS students. It is heartening to note with satisfaction that the first edition of this book was able to achieve the aim of helping the students and the teachers engaged in teaching General Pathology to second year BDS students, in bringing about uniformity in teaching/learning and evaluation, rather than use of discretion of teacher/examiner to decide what to teach and evaluate and what to leave out for dental students, or left to speculation of the learner.
The revised second edition of Practical Pathology for Dental Students, has further attempted to bridge the lacuna, and structured it as per requirements prescribed by the Dental Council of India (DCI) in the revised syllabus of Pathology for second year BDS students.
Some highlights of the second revised edition are as under:
Updated and well-organised contents: The book is organised systematically into 4 Sections, each section having practical exercises (in all 27 now compared from 25 in first edition) patterned on the format of practical class of students. These are: Techniques in Pathology (Exercise 1-5), Clinical Pathology and Basic Cytopathology (Exercise 6-8), Haematology (Exercise 9-15) and Histopathology (Exercise 16-27).
Hone your diagnostic skills: The book is structured in a way that it aims to hone the practical and diagnostic skills of the learner in pathology in a user-friendly manner. All exercises have listed key features point-wise for easy understanding and reproducibility, leaving out theoretical details for learning from the main course book so as not to lose focus on key diagnostic and practical points.
Companion for practical class: Brief and point-wise text in each exercise is richly supported by labelled line-drawings with corresponding specimen photograph and microscopic image for conceptual learning. Thus, the book should become a useful companion in practical class by the students to learn the subject effectively.
Key questions for viva voce: A new feature in the revised edition is addition of a few Key Questions for Viva Voce at the end of each practical exercise. These questions are expected to help the learner in quick revision and rapid self-assessment before their examination and for facing viva voce confidently.
Wish to learn more? For those students desiring to learn more and for making better concepts, the book has a few additional exercises over and above those given in the revised syllabus by the DCI.
6Although the book is primarily prepared as per DCI recommendations given in the revised syllabus in Pathology for second year students of BDS, it is also expected to be useful for practicing clinicians and other students of medicine such as those pursuing course in physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory technology and alternate systems of medicine.
In preparing this book, we have been helped and supported by various friends and colleagues and our family, which is gratefully acknowledged. A word of special thanks is due to Ms Agam Verma, MSc (MLT), Senior Laboratory Technician, for her liberal and skilful technical assistance and her valuable suggestions in chapters on laboratory technology.
We thank profusely the entire staff and team of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, for their ever-smiling support and cooperation in timely completion of the book in order to coincide with the fifth revised edition of Essential Pathology for Dental Students.
Finally, although sincere effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, element of human error is still likely; we shall humbly request users to continue giving their valuable suggestions and feedback directed at further improvements of its contents.
Harsh Mohan MD, FAMS, FICPath, FUICC
Sugandha Mohan BDS, DDS (NYUCD, NY, USA)
7Revised Syllabus in Pathology for BDS Students as per Recommendations of the Dental Council of India
Urine—Abnormal Constituents: Sugar, albumin, ketone bodies.
Urine—Abnormal Constituents: Blood, bile salts, bile pigments.
Haemoglobin (Hb) Estimation
Total WBC Count
Differential WBC Count
Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Bleeding Time and Clotting Time
Histopathology: Tissue processing, staining.
Histopathology Slides:
8 Following abbreviations have been used throughout this book:
G/A Gross appearance
M/E Microscopic examination