Essentials of Community Medicine Practicals DK Mahabalaraju
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fm1Essentials of Community Medicine Practicalsfm2
fm3Essentials of Community Medicine Practicals
Second Edition
DK Mahabalaraju MD (Community Medicine) Former Head Department of Community Medicine JJM Medical College Davangere, Karnataka, India
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Essentials of Community Medicine Practicals
First Edition: 2012
Second Edition: 2017
Printed at
fm5Reverentially dedicated to
CN Nagesha MD FICP
Renowned Microbiologist
An Inspiring Teacher and Down-to-Earth Manfm6
Best wishes to our readers!
Community medicine is one of the most important subjects in medical career. Practical is the beating heart of the subject. Community medicine is taught best in practicals than in theory.
The new millennium has given a wealth of study matter. Yet, there is no book even to provide the concept of community medicine practicals. Unfortunately, students have to appear for practical examination without seeing the concerning book. This is just like sailing in an uncharted sea.
As a teacher, I felt the necessity of a concise book on community medicine practicals. As an author, I undertook this challenging and ambitious endeavor with the hope of lighting a candle in the country.
The main purpose of the treatise is to cater students, at the same time to provide justifiable status to the community medicine. Great emphasis has been given to address the felt needs of the students such as simple language, syllabus coverage, proper explanation, stepwise discussion, palatable presentation, quick references, and comprehensiveness. By this, students can read easily, learn by-self, recapitulate, retain and perform better in the examinations with confidence. Efforts are also made to create interest, enthuse, entice and to comprehend the subject.
The book is thoroughly revised by adding six more chapters which helps undergraduate and postgraduate students to get fruitful results in the examination.
Each chapter of the book is carefully updated by distillation of heap of experiences over lifetime. Though this book is designed to the expectations of Indian students, it is also useful for the students and public health leaders all over the world.
The merits of this book if any, entirely belongs to the community medicine experts all over the world. I hope the book will make a useful contribution to the existing medical literature and it will also have a splendid reception from the students, teachers and health professionals.
It is with greatest pleasure and pride, I acknowledge for the cooperation, help and kindness received from Mr Venugopal (Associate Director–South) and all persons of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India.
Finally, I request for constructive suggestions, criticism and comments essential for further improving the future editions. All communications will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged.
DK Mahabalaraju fm8
I have no words to express my heartfelt sentiments to my wife Dr CN Parvathi, and daughter Dr M Nayana, who implanted the seeds for my achievements in life. It gives me a great pleasure to express my heartfelt thanks and indebtedness to them for their unstinted support and forbearance born silently, when I was lost in the books. I express my special thanks to my son-in-law Dr SK Harsha and my grand-daughter Jaanhavi.
I express my heartiest love to Dr D Kiran, who is the backbone of the book. He has enthusiastically and painstakingly contributed tirelessly in all stages of the work. Without his support, the book would never have seen the light of the day.
I owe a debt of gratitude to Professor DK Sangam, a distinguished Statistician for his suggestions and kindness. It was a memorable and broadening experience for me to work along with Dr D Kiran and Professor DK Sangam. No amount of appreciation is sufficient for these wellwishers. I express my special thanks to Dr GS Vidya who was kind enough to go through the manuscript and offer valuable help.
I am extremely grateful to my collegiate friends Drs B Vijayakumar, AG Umakanth, BA Varadaraja Rao, PS Balu, MS Anuroopa, Shubha DB, Navinkumar Angadi, Agadi Nagarajachar, K Sarvamangala, Sunil Kumar, and M Dayanand, Deputy Director of Medical Education, Karnataka, who were constant source of inspiration for my pen. I find myself short of words to express my humble gratitude and sincere thanks to them. I thank all my postgraduate students who were the source of great help during the preparation of manuscript.
Moreover, I am extremely obliged with deep appreciation to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, who bestowed great care in bringing the work in a best form by polishing the layout and design of manuscript.
In conclusion, I would like to admit that only a few names appear in this acknowledgment. I am deeply obligated by too many unsung souls. Thanks are due to undergraduate and postgraduate students and constructive criticizers.fm10