Orthopedic Secrets DD Tanna
Page numbers followed by f refer to figure.
Acetabular tuberculosis 67
arthritic changes in 86f
osteoarthritis of 86
posterior column of 69f
Align fracture 98f
American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 9
exercises using shoe 2f
fracture 168, 179f
joint 180f
bone cement block 195f
cement spacer 194f
spacer flap 195f
Austin Moore
prosthesis 86, 88
removal 86
Auto cancellous graft 50f
Avascular necrosis 69, 126, 162, 162f, 202
fibula intrafemoral 163f
hips 79f
Avulsion 187f
sprain, chronic 77
Big thick capsule 86
Bisphosphonate-induced fractures 9
Black metallic debris 84f
Blunt injury 6
biopsies 11
densitometry 124
dissection around 38f
formation 112f
fragment, fixation of 134f
graft 198f
secondary 41
ingrowth 90f
large chunk of 133f
morphogenetic protein 12
nonunions, long 162
removal of 89f
erosion, nonspecific 82f
in growth 89f, 99f
projection, small 74f
Broken nail 96
after removal 110f
extractor reamer 101f
removal 96
instrument 102f, 109f
with non-union 159f
Broken screw
bone formation around periphery of 112f
removal 102
Butterfly fragment 25f
Calcium 125f, 127
supplements 80
diameter, disparity of 220
obliteration of 15f
reaming of 216, 224, 232
Capsulectomy 87f, 92
Capsulotomy 87f, 92
Carbide tip drill 106f
C-arm 15f
image 224
Cerebrospinal fluid
diversion, proximal 8
leak 8
Chaput fracture 170
Coccydynia 33
angulation of 33f
flexion of 35f
fracture of 33f
injury of 34f
pain in 33
Collateral ligament
anterior medial 189f
sutured medial 187f
Comminuted fracture 41, 44f, 45f, 47
nailed 48f
shaft femur 49f
Comminuted intertrochanteric fracture 26f
Corticocancellous graft 28f
Cruciate ligament, anterior 139, 140f
Deltoid ligament 169, 170
Depo-Medrol injection 77
local 78f
Diaphyseal fracture humerus 228f
Displaced clavicle fracture 232f
screw intramedullary fixation of 230
Distal locking 226, 227f
Dural tension, abnormal 35f
Dynamic compression plate 146f
Dynamic condylar screw 107
Dynamic hip screw 120, 123f, 165f
removal 93
dislocation of 183, 185f
function 204
primary stabilizer of 191
Enchondroma 69, 71f
Femoral head, enchondroma of 69
Femoral nailing
proximal 107
short proximal 107f
Femoral neck, synovial herniation pit of 62
Femur 136
canal 112f
fibrous dysplasia of proximal 164f
fragment of 49f
hook plate, proximal 31f
neck 27f
neck fracture 116, 120
conservative treatment of 120
undisplaced 116
plate, long 142f
distal 149f
Fibrous dysplasia 164f
Fibula 143
being trimmed 137f
compound fracture of 192f
distally 165f
graft 50f, 143f, 144f, 153f, 154f
harvested 136f
harvesting, half 138f
inserted intramedullary 139f
inside joint 167f
after collapse 166f
Fibular displacement, lateral 169f
Figure of 8 cerclage wire 134f
Fixing posterior malleolus 179
distractor, traction with 215f
fractures, adult 213
Fracture 116, 128, 224
and entry point, reduction of 223
compression of 181f
deterioration of 118f
displaced 123f
distal 52f, 53f
humerus reduction of 224f
part of 15f
distraction 221
fibula 170
fragments, K-wire manipulation of 216
healed with full function 51f
healing of 12f, 13f, 158f, 161f
hip 117, 117f
insufficiency 127f
pathological 164f
posterior 182f
wall 17f
reduction of 214, 232
shaft femur 25f
site, union at 148f
surgical neck humerus 146f, 206f
transcervical 120
transverse 15f, 52f
type of 182f
distal 53f
undisplaced 120f, 122f
union of 114f, 220f
valgus impacted 121, 202f
three part 209f
with implant failure 93f
Fragment, large avulsed 132f
correction 4
training 5f
Grafted after curettage 72f
Grafting 65f
fracture healed 43f
Greater trochanter 209f
region 67
Head contour, loss of 202
Head of femur, idiopathic osteoporosis of 126, 127
Head of radius
irreparable fracture of 183, 185f
isolated fracture of 183
Hematoma 6f
after blunt injury 6f
formation 6
Hemiarthroplasty 27f
Herniation pit 66f
area, pain in 63f
fracture 123
pain 67
minimal 70f
replacement surgery 119f
unexplained, pain in 82
Hook plate 32f
to fix greater trochanter 32f
Hooked guidewire 97f
Humerus 136
anteromedial surface of 203f
fracture 20f
proximal 202
locking plate, proximal 30f
philos plate, proximal 30f
plate 95
removal 95
Iatrogenic comminution 221
Idiopathic osteoporosis, changes of 80f
Iliac spine, anterior-inferior 77, 77f
design 230
infected 146f
removal 86
Incision, posterior midline 133f
Infection 82
Inguinal area, pain in 73
Interfragmentary screw 23f, 25f
Interlock nailing 13f, 22f, 23f, 25f, 49f
Interosseous ligament 169, 170
Intra-articular hardware 202
Intramedullary fibula 136, 143f, 146f, 147f, 152f, 155f, 162f
graft 136, 142f, 160f
and plating 141f
treated with 149f
with plate 143f, 155f
Intramedullary nail 230
treated with 141f
Intraoperative test 188f
Ipsilateral neck femur fracture 49f
J nail 210f
anticipated trajectory mapping of 206f
entry point for 205f
fixation 202, 204
placement, planning 206
preparation on trolley 205f
Joint, displaced 175f
K nail 114, 115
femur gauge 140f
removal of embedded 114
Knee chest position 36f
K-wire 171, 190, 227
to hold reduction 217f
Left hip, pain in 116, 117
raising test, straight 58
on affected 4f
on normal 4f
Ligamentous components 169f
heal properly 173f
stitching 170f
Limp 73
Lister's tubercle 216
Locking nail with massive graft 145f
Locking plate 146f
nice 145f
Loose coccyx piece, before surgery 39f
Loose prosthesis 87f
Malleolus fracture
anterior posterior fixation of posterior 181f
distal transverse medial 52
medial 55f
posterior 170, 17981
Malunited ankle 55
Mantoux test 59
negative 60f
Manual traction 215f
Massive cancellous bone graft 147f, 149f
Massive disk prolapse 58f, 59f
Massive grafting 145f
Measure fibula 140f
Medial cancellous graft 146f
and plate 160f
Medial collateral ligament 183, 184, 187f
sutured 189f
Medial fracture 182f
Medial ligament 170
Medial malleolus 52, 170
Medullary canal
opening of blocked 16f
stuffing thick nail 41
Medullary cavity, open up 138f
Mercedes-Benz sign 177f
Metaphyseal region 28f
Meticulous debridement 193f
Muscles, medial group of 187f
Nail 44
part of 85f
square 84f
bypassing 22f
distal end of 115f
empty distal locking bolts of 99f
extract broken 99f
good designs of 222
head portion of 214f, 231f
in distraction 46f
in long oblique fracture 25f
insertion of 224, 232
maintaining length 42f
negotiation of 233f
proximal part of 108f
length, closed 41f
postoperative radiographs after 220f
guidewire insertion in 17f
screw removal 93
Nonunion 149f
C-arm images of 143f
distal femur 30f
expected 160f
femur 142f
fracture humerus treated 141f
intertrochanteric fracture 26, 31f
of long bones
management of 136
treatment of 136
site 139f
with nail inside 141f
post avulsion 129f
tip of 128f, 132f
Osteoarthritis 86
Osteoporotic bones 202
Osteotomized neck 28f
Pain 73
Persistent sternoclavicular swelling 60f
Philos plate 147f
Plate 44
bent over spoilt screw 105f
broken 151f
removal of 95
with intramedullary fibula healed 141f
Post-pregnancy pain 79, 79f
Prolapsed intervertebral disc 58
Prosthesis, augment metaphyseal area of 28f
Pseudocapsule 86
Pseudo-joint, movements at 37f
Radial bow, restoration of 213
Radial nerve, superficial 221
Radioulnar joints, reconstruction of 213
Radius fracture 216
Radius nailing 216
procedure 217f
Reamer/irrigator/aspirator system 192
Reaming medullary cavity 198f
Rectum 39f
Rectus femoris tendon 77, 77f
Right hip, pain in 82
Road traffic accident 192f
Sciatica 58f
Screw elastic intramedullary nail 230
Screw intramedullary nail 213
design of 213
Screw loosening 202
Screw removal instruments, special 106f
Second surgery 159f
Segmental fracture
humerus 141f
tibia 24f
Sequestrectomy infection control 148f
cavity, suction drainage of 7f
collection 6
Short wrist splint 1f
exercises 3f
function 204
mobilizing exercises 3
Small incision 216
Smith-Peterson approach anterior incision 64f
Soft tissue 6
Square nail in situ 84f
Steinmann pin 100, 100f
Sternoclavicular joint, benign inflammation of 60f
Sternoclavicular swelling 59, 61f
Stress fracture 124, 125f
Subtrochanteric femur fracture 111f
Subtrochanteric fracture 107
Supination-pronation exercise 1
Supracondylar femur fracture, fixing accidental 29f
Surgical neck humerus fractures 202
Surgical technique, step-by-step description of 231
Syndesmosis 176f
Syndesmotic injury 168
concepts of 173
fixations, standard practice of 171f
typical 168f
Syndesmotic joint 168, 170, 173f
open 177f
Syndesmotic region, stability to 180f
Synovial membrane 62, 66f
Synovial pit 66f
Tibia 136
compound fracture of 192f
distal 55f
Tibiofibular ligament
anterior 170
inferior 169
attaches, posterior-inferior 180f
posterior 170
inferior 169
Tightrope fixation 174f
Tillaux fracture 170
Total hip replacement 16, 163f, 164f, 167f
set 97
long cement extractor forceps of revision 97f
Traction 22
Trochanteric fixation
nail system 104
replacement 27
Trochanteric osteotomy 89f
fracture, tip of 128
nailing 216
procedure 217f
Ulnar canal proximal to fracture 216
Vacuum assisted closure 193f, 194f
Valgus 224
fracture 120f
impacted, construct for 203f
Vancomycin 194f
Varus deformity 202
Varus displaced fracture 210f, 211f
pattern 203f
pins 207
D 80, 125f
D3 126, 127
Waddling gait 124
X-ray elbow 128f
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