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Chapter-21 Environment and Cardiovascular Health

By: Chinmay Gupta, Chaitanya Gupta, Vivek Gupta

Edition : 1/e

CSI Cardiology Update 2022 (Volume 2)


Chapter-67 Extracorporeal Life Support in Poisoning

By: Vinay Singhal, Gurpreet S Wander, Vivek Gupta

Edition : 4/e

Critical Care Update 2022


Allostatic Load and Glaucoma: Are We Missing the Big Picture?

By: Vivek Gupta , Tanuj Dada , Karthikeyan Mahalingam

Volume:14, issue:2(2020)

Journal of Current Glaucoma Practice


Chapter-09 Community Ophthalmology

By: Praveen Vashist, Meenakshi Wadhwani, Suraj S Senjam, Pallavi Shukla, Vivek Gupta

Edition : 1/e

Ophthalmology Clinics-2 for Postgraduates: Basic Sciences, Instruments, Investigations, Imaging, Interpretation and Viva Voice


Patient Radiation Doses during Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography Procedures: Experience at a Tertiary Level Center of India

By: Sandeep K Bhatt, Vivek Gupta, Vikas Bhatia, N Khandelwal, SC Bansal, Bhupender S Rana

Volume:53, issue:2(2019)

Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Education and Research


Metastatic Adenocarcinoma: A Masquerade of Ring Enhancing Lesion of Brain

By: Prof. Ritambhra Nada, Prof. Amanjit Bal, Dr Aastha Takkar, Prof. Vivek Gupta, Dr Balamurugan , Prof. Ashish Bhalla, Prof. Subhash Varma

Volume:53, issue:3(2019)

Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Education and Research

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