Q: I need special software or hardware to read eBooks?
Ans: All you need is your PC or laptop and the access right of our portal jaypeedigital.com
Q: Can I download eBooks onto my PC?
Ans: That depends on the Subscription you have purchased.
Q: Can I print and copy my eBooks?
Ans: eBooks have security settings that may prevent printing and copying of its titles.
Q: Once I have subscribed my eBook, will it always be available?
Ans: That depends on the Subscription you have purchased.
Q: How do I get help if I have a problem?
Ans: write to us on support@jaypeedigital.com.
Q: What are the benefits of reading eBooks?
  • In most cases, eBooks are cheaper than paper books.
  • Instantly available worldwide
  • Full Text Search available
Q: Why can't I view a document as a PDF?
Ans: We have our own pdf viewer for viewing all the books.If you have user with download facility then you can download that book and view in Adobe acrobat.
Q: If a document is missing or corrupt, what should I do?
Ans: If you identify a missing or corrupt document write us on support@jaypeedigital.com. Include as much detail as possible in the comments box, e.g. book name, ISBN, chapter name .
Q: How do I see what content I have full text access to?
Ans: All subscribed content is visible on My Account page.
Q: How can I get free access to full text?
Ans: Jaypeedigital offers subscriptions via institutions; individual subscriptions to jaypeedigital are not available. However, if you are not a subscriber, you can access a free, limited version of jaypeedigital as a guest user without having to sign on.
Q: How long is my article/Book accessible after I purchase it?
Ans: That depends on the Subscription you have purchased.
Q: How do I change my subuser account password?
Ans: Subuser Edit profile option available on the top after subuser login.
Q: I've forgotten my subuser account password what do I do?
Ans: For password ,you can click on the link Forgot Password.
Q: How do I change my email address in subuser account?
Ans: If you are subuser,then you can change on your own from edit subuser profile page.
Q: Which browser is best to view this website?
Ans: Internet Explorer: IE 9 or above
Google Chrome: 30.XXXX and above
Mozilla: 3 and above.
Note: Please use updated browser to view modern websites.

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