by Vicky S Khattar, Vicky Bachi T

Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology AND Head & Neck Surgery

by Vicky S Khattar, Bachi T Hathiram
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This compilation of videos demonstrates the basic steps of stapes surgery by the endaural approach. In the authors’ experience, the endaural approach offers an excellent exposure with the luxury of both hands free for surgical manipulation. The second part of the video demonstrates the technique to check for ossicular mobility prior to proceeding with the stapedotomy. The third part of the video demonstrates the use of a perforator (cold steel instrument) to fashion the fenestrum. Although with the advent of fine microdrills and angled handpieces, the need for a perforator is gradually declining, one should be well versed with the use of this instrument in the event of a powered equipment malfunction. The final part of the video demonstrates the ‘reverse order’ technique, wherein the piston is placed and secured first, followed by removal of the suprastructure. This technique has been associated with a fewer number of complications and is the preferred technique of choice for the authors whenever possible.

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