Endoscopic management of a supraorbital ethmoidal mucocele
by Vicky S Khattar, Vicky Bachi T

Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology AND Head & Neck Surgery

by Vicky S Khattar, Bachi T Hathiram
About Video

This video demonstrates the endoscopic management of a surpaorbital ethmoidal mucocele. After performing an ethmoidectomy, the frontal recess is cleared. In this instance, the anterior ethmoidal artery was accidentally damaged, which was then controlled with a suction bipolar cautery. The mucocele was marsupialised and evacuated by gently massaging the eyeball. The results are usually dramatic. The postoperative appearance of the frontal recess as well as the immediate reduction in the proptosis have also been demonstrated.

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