Endoscopic transnasal approach to clival chordoma
by Bashar Abuzayed Dehdashti

Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology AND Head & Neck Surgery

by Vicky S Khattar, Bachi T Hathiram
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This video demonstrates the technique for the endoscopic excision of a clival chordoma. The author has typically described certain phases of the surgery, namely the nasal phase, sphenoidal phase, the sellar and upper clival phase, the middle and lower clival phase and, finally, closure and reconstruction phase. Because of their location, clival tumors can spread in practically any direction, and, thus, the surgical approach needs to be tailormade to suit the type of tumor as well as its extent in all dimensions. The endoscopic endonasal approach to the clival region has become a popular approach for the surgical management of pathological lesions occupying this region because of the various advantages offered by this technique, such as minimal invasiveness, less neurovascular retraction, lower risk of neurovascular injury, wide view of exposure, no disruption of the facial skeleton and better postoperative performance of the patients with lesser hospitalization periods.

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