Medicolegal autopsy procedure
by Sujith Sreenivas Neeraj, Sujith Prasannan K, Sujith Thomas Mathew

Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Medicolegal Autopsy

by Mathew Thomas, Sujith Sreenivas C, Prasannan K
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This video demonstrates the medicolegal autopsy procedure. This work is dedicated to all those unfortunate people who met with an untilely death. Dead bodies brought to the mortuary for preservation are stored in cold chambers and the temperature maintained at 3–8°C as freezing of dead bodies will result in crystallization of intracellular fluid. The procedural formalities like the identification of a dead body, examination of dress materials, general examination, examination of postmortem changes, and examination of body cavities and visceral organs are shown in this video. Dissection techniques of vital organs like the brain and the heart have been demonstrated separately. Special reference has been given for demonstration of pneumothorax, air embolism and pulmonary thromboembolism. Evisceration of structures of neck, chest and abdomen has been done together and individual organs separated and dissected as per the Letulle\'s method. In suspected cases of neck violence, neck structures have been dissected in layers after removal of brain and viscera for dissection of the neck in a bloodless field (modified Schrader\'s technique). For injuries to the spinal column, this video demonstrates a posterior approach of dissection and exposure of spinal cord. Fetal autopsy includes the basic necessary dissection techniques, demonstration of floatation test for live birth and fetal brain removal.

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