Descemet’s detachment: new classification and management
by Soosan Jacob Vijay, Soosan Amar Agarwal

Pre-Descemet’s Endothelial Keratoplasty (PDEK)

by Amar Agarwal
About Video

This video demonstrates retinal and corneal convergence, relaxing descemetotomy relieves stress forces in taut Descemet’s membrane detachment ocular surgery, and surgery for clinicopathological classification of DMD. In this video retinal detachment, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment [RRD (secondary to hole, tear, or dialysis)], tractional retinal detachment (TRD), or bullous/exudative retinal detachment, Descemet’s membrane detachment classified as rhegmatogenous Descemet’s detachment (RDD), tractional Descemet’s detachment (TDD), bullous Descemet’s detachment (BDD), or complex Descemet’s detachment (CDD), fibrosed Descemet’s membrane, and free floating Descemet’s detachment are described in details.

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