Pre-descemets endothelial keratoplasty
by Dhivya Ashok Kumar, Ashvin Agarwal Agarwal, Ashvin Priya Narang, Dhivya Amar Agarwal

Pre-Descemet’s Endothelial Keratoplasty (PDEK)

by Amar Agarwal
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This video demonstrates pre-Descemet’s endothelial keratoplasty. This video clip depicts air is injected between pre Descemet’s and stroma; pre-Descemet’s, Descemet’s and endothelium separated from overlying stroma; formation of a DMEK graft: type-1 big bubble has started to form and suddenly a type-2 big bubble starts to form also; the type-2 big bubble becomes larger and engulfs the type-1 big bubble; the type-2 big bubble has become complete; in such a scenario prepare a DMEK graft and use the graft; big bubbles collapses on puncturing the pre-Descemet’s layer; DSAEK: ASOCT donor stromal tissue increasing overall corneal thickness; PDEK graft not tearing despite pulling; big bubble creation in donor rim for PDEK; viscoelastic used to expand BB further; trypan blue injected inside the big bubble and blunt trephine; marks host cornea; Descemet’s membrane stripped; removal of sponge tip of injector, price technique for DMEK graft injection; reflexing sponge tip; graft injected into AC; graft oriented with edges curling upwards; graft unrolled; graft floated up with air; and pressurized air infusion allows “reverse capsulorhexis” Descemetorhexis.

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